Little pictures add up to a big family

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

These pictures were a first attempt at a family portrait for me. Some of the challenges we faced were limited space, only the on camera flash, cranky kids just to name a few. I decided to shoot the pictures at a 90 degree angle to the corner of the room with the family about 6ft out from the corner. I placed a lamp behind the group to help create more separation from the wall and lessen the hard shadows from the flash. Over time I think they will get better but not bad for a first attempt and 18 people and very little prep time (I also had a migraine before I started). I am having some problems with the auto focus focusing in on the wrong part of the image making the main subjects blury. I am sure I will get this worked out. (I hope)-SG


Jef January 11, 2008 at 3:35 PM  

Great idea to have the lamp behind to cause'll want to watch vertical lines growing out of peoples heads...if you shift camera 6 inches or so to the right (looking from behind the camera) you would remove the line coming out of the gals head.

I really like the multiple photo that an action in your editing program? or something you came up with?

As far as the focus goes, you could set your focus point on the center point. Aim it where you want the focus...have it focus and then flip the switch to turn off auto focus and recompose. The multi point auto focus isn't always the best...I usually shoot center point. One other thing that might be happening is that the Depth of Field could need to be that the people in front are in focus as well as the people in back. Set your f/ stop to a smaller aperture and you'll increase depth of field...of course you then have to deal with reduced light coming in and it is a trade off.

Alli January 15, 2008 at 12:21 PM  

Hey, I didn't even know you guys had a blog until I saw a comment on Kymberly's site! Love the photography - I'm so impressed by people with that talent. I like the one with the grandkids and the little one making a grouchy face :) The temple pictures are amazing too.