Christmas 2007

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Well Christmas has come and gone and it is that time of year where we reflect on the past and resign to do better. I am not promising that there will be no long stretches of time between entries but I am resigned to do better. Christmas was full of excitement and craziness in the Gatherum household. While Denise and I are in our current callings I think every Christmas will present a measure of craziness. Between Enrichment, Christmas parties, stake calenders, etc... there is no shortage of things to be done. It was also exciting especially for the girls as their cousins from Utah came to visit, and shared Christmas and a fast three days at the coast with us (more on that later I think).

This year I received an early Christmas present a Canon Rebel XTI so naturally I have been taking lots of pictures. With this camera I really wanted to move from taking snapshots to photographs so I talk to any one who will impart advise when I can, and have picked up a few tricks I hope. Included in this entry our a few of the pictures I haven taken some represent my first attempt with using off camera lighting, as I do not own any speed lights or strobes yet ; ) I used a halogen shop light behind a bed sheet to diffuse the light on the other side I used a sheet of foam core board to bounce shop light for a fill effect. I also have started dabbling with Photoshop actions so let me know what you think. -SG


Jef January 4, 2008 at 5:04 PM  


Really like your thing you will want to try is to buy either a expo disc (fairly expensive) or an 18% gray card...follow the instructions on the disc or put the gray card in the light you are going to shoot in and take a picture with the gray card filling the image. then use that image to set a custom white balance. That will take care of any color balance problems you might have using a halogen work light.

Also, you'll want to work in M mode to allow some more exposure in the background to make a more interesting picture as you used something of insterest, you want it to show.

anytime you want to email me some images, I'll be glad to give you more advice.