Covered Bridge

Sunday, March 2, 2008

"Named for its original location along the Willamette River, it was used from 1954 - the mid-1970s. It was reassembled in 1989 at its present site on the Oregon State University campus." (Oregon Covered Bridges) This bridge is within a half mile of the homes My wife and I grew up in. In fact it was within 25yards of our first kiss. :>)

DIRECTIONS: In Corvallis, follow highway 20 west to 53rd Street, turn right an watch for the bicycle/pedestrian path. The bridge is about one mile east of 53rd.


Are you Irish? ...

Where is our pot of gold we caught
a little leprechaun!!!
Are you Irish? ... Some of us think we are or is someone hiding something?
It is at this time of year where many asks ourselves am I Irish. Certainly judging by the pictures some of us think we are and perhaps we all are a least a we bit. But perhaps the bigger question is whether or not someone is hiding something new in their disguise. (hint look close at Anna)