Prize for the best headache cure

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Now recruiting headache/migraine cures. This is the time to make your suggestion. Winning cure will win something. Can't think clear enough to come up with a prize yet, but will come up with one. So don't hold back. I am counting on you for help. After all the doctors have yet to help me.

Please know I will not try all suggestions, but do feel free to humor me. Please leave your suggestion as a comment. See the post below for what has already been tried and suggested.


What it is like to have a migrain

This is what it looks like to have a migraine. Stare at the sun for a few minutes and you will have a small sense what I deal with daily and I don't even have to be outside.

So many of you know or have heard of one of the reasons I have not posted on the blog regularly. For the rest of you here is the reason. I am on week 8 of a migraine headache that just won't quit. So many have been so kind to offer suggestions on how to cure them, so here is a list of medications and other remedies I have tried, maybe others will find the list beneficial. My doctor has now thrown her hands up and referred me to headache specialist in Portland. A neurologist that specializes in headaches.

Ready for this long list:

  • Advil/Ibuprofen - provides very little relief wears off in under four hours.
  • Tylenol - Provides more relief than Advil wears off in under four hours.
  • Aleve - Used to be my go-to medication for migraines but in this case provides little relief.
  • Vicodin - provides moderate relief last four hours, knocks me out cold. Gives me strange dreams.
  • Percocet - Provides moderate relief, last four hours, knocks me out in five minute intervals.
  • Compozene - Given through an IV in combination with benadryl out cold for 6 hours very groggy.
  • Demerol- Given by shot. Effective until wears off. Can not stay awake either.
  • Phenergan- Given by shot and pill form. Effective in dealing with nausea, but also knocks me out cold.
  • Pamelor (Generic: Nortriptyline) 25 mg- on it two days and weird side effects, light headedness, nausea, electric pulses felt at odd times during the day.
  • Zomig 5mg- taken at the onset of migraine (not just a headache)- hard time breathing, light headedness, pain in nostrils, nausea, hard time concentrating, muscle pain.
  • Inderal LA 60mg (generic form Propranolol ER)- beta-blocker used to prevent headaches or lessen the frequency. Still there daily. DR is upping dose tomorrow. But at least no side effects noticed. Though most commonly reported is light-headedness when getting up quickly. We will see with the new dosing.
  • Epidrin - A triple drug combo (muscle relaxer/sedative, vasoconstrictor, and tylenol)- hot flashes and drogginess.
  • Imitrex 100mg- taken at the onset of migraine (not just a headache)- hard time breathing, light headedness, pain in nostrils, nausea, hard time concentrating, muscle pain and GAS. Yes, gas, each time. Not a fluke. Sorry if I was at your house.

    13 new prescriptions and still have a headache each and every day.

Some days worse than others. Headache can vary in intensity through out the day too.

Now we love all the helpful advice received from well meaning people. Here's a few:

  • Peppermint oil on temples- not tried
  • Tigerbalm- not tried
  • Sex- didn't work to have it or avoid it
  • massage- didn't work
  • pressure points- not this either
  • eating fresh pineapple- tried for four day. Okay you can't blame me for trying.
  • sun glasses- works to avoid migraine from getting worse from light sensitivity. Sunday during church the lights in the chapel were bringing on a migraine, so I threw the shades on and then had to spend hours explaining why. Anna though just told people that I was joining the FBI.
  • Exercise- working on it, but still there.
  • Avoiding cheese- same whether eating cheese or not. It should be a sin to not eat cheese for a whole week.
  • Avoiding Chocolate- See Cheese
  • Avoiding Soda- big deal, not like I drink them often anyway.

    Do you have any other suggestions, might as well let me know. After all if it works, you will be my new hero. - SG


Skipped work today to play

I had some comp time to use before the end of June and so today I was playing with background and lighting. I had a good time learning how to control light. Anna is tired of me taking pictures, but is a good sport in the end. Abigail is always game for the camera. She even poses herself and creates her own expressions. Some are to be desired others.... Matthew is up for action. You know like running off the set. It is hard to get any to sit still long enough for a good picture. -SG


Primary Activity

Sunday, May 18, 2008

A couple weeks ago our Ward had an Indiana Jones themed primary activity. The children were divided into groups with an "Indiana Jones" group leader (The fantastic YM in our Ward). Any way I was an observer and Matthew watcher except Matthew ditched me early on infavor of going on an adventure with Anna's group. Denise taught a class, and all had a lot of fun. Obviously I took some pictures here are the highlights. More information about the activity can be found at The Davis' blog.

The Young Men as Indian Jones...

Bro. Jackson teaching the kids about Samuel the Lamonite while trying to shoot bows and arrows at the wall. (Yes he did shoot that arrow at me. Fortunately Bro Jackson is a bad shot.)

Denise Teaching the kids about planting a "seed of faith" like Alma.

Kids making treats for the birds and learning about Noah.

Sister McBurney and Sister White reenacting Ammon protecting the Kings sheep.


Ritner Creek Covered Bridge

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Today we took a drive and aside from finding a good house to invest in we found Ritner Creek Covered Bridge. "Ritner Creek bridge was the last covered bridge on an Oregon state highway. In 1976, the bridge was lifted from its foundation and relocated just downstream of its original site and replaced by a concrete bridge. The bridge was constructed in 1927 by Hamer and Curry Contractors to Oregon State Highway Commission plans. The initial construction cost was $6,964. The original portal design was rounded at the edges but was changed to a square design in the early 1960s to accommodate larger loads to pass."

Location: From Interstate 5 exit 258 and follow Portland Road 5 miles to the junction of Highway 22 (Marion Street). Turn right (west) crossing the Willamette River, and continue 17 miles to Dallas. From Dallas travel south on Highway 223 approximately 12 miles through Pedee. Ritner Creek Bridge is approximately 3.5 miles south of Pedee.

Aside from loving the history and craftsman ship of these Historic covered bridges they are also a great place to take pictures. Here are some of the ones I took today. --SG

Pictures are now fixed --SG


We might be moving!!!!

Hey everyone!
We didn't want to announce this too early.
Then we were concerned about who to tell first.
We have been looking at houses for a while.
With prices and inflation, we think we found a good investment.
One that is low enough that we can afford now,
and expect it to really appreciate in value.
This may even be our dream home.

Here are the specs:
  • Custom home, hand crafted
  • In the country with great view
  • Close to school
  • Large lot size
  • White picket fenced yard
  • Close to state historical landmarks
  • Environmentally friendly home with latest Go green features
  • Air conditioned
  • One of a kind home
  • Needs some fixing up,
  • Seller willing to exchange sweat labor.

We have enclosed a picture

of the school and home.



Eight Surefire Ways to Become an Identity Theft Victim

Friday, May 2, 2008

SANS Institute Security Newsletter for Computer Users
Volume 5, Number 5 May 2008

Eight Surefire Ways to Become an Identity Theft Victim-

--Practice unsafe surfing. When you purchase a new computer, go online without activating the firewall, or purchasing protective software.

Further expose yourself digitally by sharing a wireless connection with the entire neighborhood. Without digital encryption, you can share the contents of your hard drive with anyone on the street. For maximum risk, do some online banking on a public computer -- like the one at the library or a public cafe. Bonus points are added if your Social Security number is your user ID for any transactions. -

--Skimp on anti-virus and anti-spyware protection. Courting disaster online is easy. Invite malicious code to attack your computer simply by doing nothing. Antivirus programs can be pricey, and the maintenance of constantly downloading updates is time-consuming. Combine that with the security updates from Microsoft or Apple and it's enough to seriously annoy anyone. -

--Passwords are a pain! Make life easy for yourself by using the same password for EVERYTHING, and make it something easy to remember, like your first name or 'password'. Just in case, make sure you write it down on a yellow sticky and put it somewhere easy to see.

And don't forget to have your browser set to 'remember password' to make life easy for you - and the cyberthief. -

--Peek at junk email and open attachments from unknown sources. Open attachments from strangers, secret crushes, long-lost friends saying "what's up," or strangers hawking cheap drugs -- you'll never know unless you peek at that email. One of the many fun things that can happen when you open an attachment containing malicious code is infecting your computer with a Trojan horse or virus, which can easily lead to identity theft. -

--Stuff your wallet with juicy identifying tidbits. Wallets and purses are more than just handy cash-carrying devices. They often have credit cards, identification, insurance information and even Social Security cards. Obviously, more is better if you'd like to become the prey of fraudsters. Losing or misplacing a wallet or purse can cause more problems than just the hassle of replacing all those cards and buying a new bag. Armed with your date of birth, Social Security number and mailing address, there's no limit to the damage thieves could cause. -

--Make your checks payable to criminals. If you're like most people, you wouldn't post your checking account information on your front door, though you should if you'd like to be a victim of fraud. Similarly, checks reflecting the same information can be dropped casually into unsecured mailboxes. Statistically the chances of your mailbox being targeted by criminal elements are low, but not that low. According to the 2008 Identity Fraud Survey Report from Javelin Strategy and Research, almost 1 in 10 victims of identity theft who can pinpoint the scene of the crime say that it happened at the mailbox. -

--Opt out? Opt in! While you're mailing checks from the unlocked mailbox, go ahead and get credit card companies to send you all the pre-approved offers that the postman can cram into the box. Similarly, don't get credit card statements online; leave them on the side of the road so that they're more convenient for fraudsters who lack the technical knowledge or follow-through to launch complicated hacking schemes. -

--Nothing is too good to be true. Everyone wants to feel special and maybe more importantly, filthy rich. When reading an emailed proposition from an African business tycoon, an imperiled prince or downtrodden heiress offering millions of dollars in exchange for some small measure of assistance, it's difficult not to wish it were true. Falling for the story will undoubtedly lead to unpleasantness.

Source: SANS Institute Security Newsletter