Skipped work today to play

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I had some comp time to use before the end of June and so today I was playing with background and lighting. I had a good time learning how to control light. Anna is tired of me taking pictures, but is a good sport in the end. Abigail is always game for the camera. She even poses herself and creates her own expressions. Some are to be desired others.... Matthew is up for action. You know like running off the set. It is hard to get any to sit still long enough for a good picture. -SG


Jef May 29, 2008 at 9:40 AM  

great looking portraits thing to strive the hair highlights that you have on Abigails portrait...should show up on everyone of your photos...also...if you double the sheet in the background so that the wall/whatever doesn't show through it...

Something to try to change the angle of your light coming onto the face...make some barn door flaps out of carboard...or shine your light through the bottom of a cardboard box so you can use the bottom flaps as barn doors to control the light would give you some great control for a very cheap price. Try coming in at more of an angle and then using a piece of white board to reflect just a little light back into the shadow side of the face.