Kid's reaction to produce week two

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Well we received our second box of produce. We received:
1 Green leaf Lettuce
½# salad mix
1 sweet Red Onion
2 heads Fennel
2# Fava Beans
2 heads Fresh Garlic
1 bu Garlic Whistles
1½# New Red Potatoes
1 basket Strawberries

We are happy to report the German butterball potatoes from last week are so far the best potatoes we have ever eaten. Denise was a bit concerned as she cut them up for dinner. They seemed so coarse compared to store potatoes. We followed the recommended cooking suggestion and they turned out delightful. They were sweet and tender. In fact we went to the Corvallis farmers market to buy more to last us a bit longer.

We still have not had the courage to eat the beets from last week, but everything else we have eaten and tasted pretty good.

So this week, we have tried a couple new things. The garlic whistles are fine. Texture of a fresh green bean with a hint of garlic flavor. I wouldn't buy them, but would not avoid them either. We have more so we will try them another way. The salad greens are wonderful. I don't like bitter lettuce and the stuff in the store has no flavor. This was delicious. Salad has never tasted so good, not even the stuff we grow.

We introduced the kids to fava beans. We had a few fresh. We will play with them cooked some too. Weird looking, but not too bad. Abigail seemed to like them the most out of the kids.

So tonight, Denise grabbed some of the fennel leaves and told the kids she used to sneak into this as a kid. She doesn't remember eating fennel, just the leaves she picked from a plant growing behind a shed. Next thing we know it, the kids are plucking leaves too. Abigail really liked it. We asked her if it reminded her of anything. For those of you who don't know fennel. The leaves taste like liquorice. I don't believe she has ever had black liquorice before, but who knows. Her response was classic. "It reminds me of the day I was born." We should have asked for more details, but the moment is gone now and we were just taken by surprise her response.

So if you want to remember the day you were born.... Just eat fennel.


Jef June 13, 2008 at 12:38 PM make me "green" with would be so nice to have that access without having to drive two hours to Medford.

Amanda June 13, 2008 at 3:57 PM  

Sounds yummy! That was pretty cute about Abigail. She is funny! Maybe Denise ate some black licorice that day? Or maybe one of the nurses and the breathed on her... Or maybe she was looking for an answer and that one seemed like a good one! Anyway keep us up on what you are eating I might have to buy something that is just a have to have!