Banana Peels Will Stop Headaches

Friday, August 29, 2008

I was out tonight, and as many know Shaun has had a rough past couple of weeks. Yes, he still has the same headache as the one he got in April. It never goes away, just varies in intensity. The last few weeks, he has been as bad as he was in April. Not sure why, perhaps it goes in cycles.

Any way. We love all the suggestions people give us. We have entertained a great many suggestions. None have helped, but I keep hoping one will. Not even the Headache DR has been able to help him. Here is the latest suggestion I received. Actually I got two suggestions tonight. The banana peel is one and the other is squeezing your head in two different directions. I am always looking for new ideas. The banana one, I would have never came up with on my own. Can I convince my husband to try it. Hmm, I suggested this to him and well he gave me a weird look. Hey desperate times call for desperate measures. I just want him to not be in pain. Below is only a small part of the article. Let me know if it works for anyone. :) So the next time you are walking down the street and someone has a banana peel on their head. Well you now know why.

Banana Peels Will Stop Headaches Ann Landers
(We have found that Banana peels will not only stop headaches but may even relieve severe Neuropathic Pain, RSD Pain, Trigeminal Neuralgia Pain, and Kidney Stone Pain. "Apply directly where it hurts.")
by Darrell J. Stoddard Copyright 1998
A neurologist specializing in headache treatments responded to an Ann Landers' column in which it was suggested that a banana peel across the forehead and across the back of the neck would help relieve headaches, perhaps because of the potassium in the peel.
The doctor stated, "Headache is not always a minor disorder that responds easily to such simple cures. Each month in the United States, approximately 3 million days are spent in bed by headache sufferers. Many of these people are in excruciating pain, unable to tolerate even the light from a bedside lamp or the sound of a child's step. Some vomit repeatedly. For them, trying to cure a headache with banana peels is like trying to irrigate the Sahara by spitting."
I have measured the electrical resistance at the site of pain in more than 18,000 patients and categorically state my belief that pain is caused by the breaking, cutting, failure, or suppression of electrical signals between cells in living tissue. With headaches this often occurs across the forehead and across the back of the neck.


Julie September 5, 2008 at 8:26 AM  

Wow, I love the comment about spitting in order to irrigate the Sahara. My aunt suffers from migranes, but hers comes and goes- doesn't stay for months on end. Does Shaun have to go to work everyday in pain or do they let him take time off unpaid to deal with it on the worst days? That's got to be hard. I'll pray for you guys.