And the Winner is....

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The winner is Jef. Hooray!!!!!

A thank you to those who entered the healthier dessert contest. We only had two entries and they were both great entries. Now some of you have questioned if healthy and dessert belong in the same sentence. I guess we may have misspoke our intent, which was to find a yummy dessert and have a healthier twist to make it less fattening or sugary or so forth. The example we will now use is our low fat brownie recipe. It has two TBS each of butter and light sour cream and one egg. Not great I know, but much better than a brownie mix from the store. And best of all they taste good. Nothing like the applesauce brownies for those of you who have tried that. The texture is just all wrong in brownies made with applesauce.

Infact on, Here is an example of one of their brownie recipes, It has twice the eggs and fat in the form of shortening. Both to be cooked in the same size pan. Who even knows if that recipe even tastes good.

The fact is food should taste good, and at the same time there are often ways we can adapt it to slow the artery clogging and so forth. I remember my last conversation with my grandmother before she died of heart disease. She wished she had indulged less on the pastries. Now I know my grandmother liked pastries, but she loved fruits and vegetables even more. She would always send me newspaper articles on the health benifits of various foods. She told me, " I just wish I had more time." I didn't know then that it was to be a matter of a few days before she would be called home, but I think she had that feeling, just by the conversation she had with me. Now she was in her 80's, and ate a balanced diet. She exercised and had lived a full good life, but she wanted more time. She died two and half months before Abigail was born. She loved Anna so much, as she was her only great grand child. I miss my grandmother even as much today as then. She would have loved her next two great grandbabies as much as the first. I guess in the big picture of things, she will have her wish of more time, but not in this mortal life.

Thank you to all who entered and for the long awaited results. Please feel free to send us any recipes if you have any. If we get enough, maybe we have another prize.