Cookies Gone Wrong

Monday, December 15, 2008

I was so excited this year to make baked goods with my kids. It started off I found a website that does the 25 days of Christmas cookies from all around the world. As many of you know I really like to try new recipes. You never know when you will find a good yummy one like Brown Sugar Cookies that aired on America's Test Kitchen.

So each day or two I look to see what new cookie has been revealed.

Here is a few that we have tried in order tried:

Rosenmunnar, A Swedish filled cookie. Yum!

Finnish Cookie Sticks, from Finland of course. This recipe was okay, we would try it a bit different next time with a little less almond extract. It seems to over power the sticks not rolled in almonds.

Greek Butter Cookies, these are pretty rolled in an S-shape, other than that they taste like a standard butter cookie.

The Best Rolled Sugar Cookies Day, on this one we tried to do the painted frosted glazy look. The cookies are good and the glaze is pretty, but not as tasty as butter cream frosting.

So since we had church canceled yesterday, I decided to search for some new recipes. The above recipes were not too bad and I wanted to try some old world ones from around the world. So these four are the ones we
decided to try partly, because of the ingredients we had on hand. All in all we were disappointed with our baking adventures. The worst part is my husband took them to all his HT families and gave them to our HT. How embarrassing, now everyone will be afraid to try anything we cook again, and probably for good reason. But here they are so you know what to avoid.

Scottish Shortbread IV, I liked this one best of what we made.

Old German Honey Cookies, mine don't even look like the picture, and these were a huge let down, especially after wasting a cup of honey on them. After the first batch was cooked, I added chocolate chips in hopes to improve the flavor to no avail.

Scottish Lace Cookies, also not a winner in our house.

Oatmeal Lace Cookies,
One picked out from a cooking show on tv by Abigail. Better of the last two, has some potential, if we were to try again to press cookies better and more uniformly.

So after all that work. Not one real winner to add to our collection. So today I looked at today's cookie revealed at the 25 days of Christmas cookies. It is
Authentic French Meringues, part of me wants to try it and the other part of me remembers yesterday and does not want to go through that again. After all if takes four egg whites. So a few more days and we will perhaps give it a try or perhaps find something else that catches my eye.


Amanda December 17, 2008 at 9:37 AM  

I love trying new recipes also! I LOVED the brown sugar cookies you shared with us! YUUUMMMM!!! Amelia loved one of the oatmeal cookies you brought so much she ate them all before I got one!!! So I think that one is a winner! I made that snickers kind of candy stuff I made last year!!! MMMMM! I am going to try not to eat the whole pan before the party on Saturday!