Praktica Nova B

Monday, December 8, 2008

This camera is a Praktica Nova B. It was bought by my father while on his church mission in Germany during the late 60's. The camera is still functional and I hope to post some pictures taken with it soon (as soon as I figure it out). I consider this to be a great family treasure (even though it's not worth a great deal). I had fun taking and editing the above picture. I am practicing some new techniques.

About the Camera:
Pentacon Praktica Nova B, 35mm SLR camera, 1965-1968
East German made 35mm SLR. Pentacon benefited from German know how after the forced break up of Zeiss following the cessation of WW2 and the division of Germany between the allies, consequently these Nova series Prakticas are very well made.
With Domiplan f/2.8 50 mm. auto lens -SG


Rory Baxter December 9, 2008 at 4:33 AM  

WOW - how amazing is that! Is this what you will be taking your stills with?
I cant wait to see all the great picts you take with it.
What a wonderful gift and treasure to have such a piece of history as well as a family heirloom.