Paper Winter Village

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

We wanted to do something different this year with our Christmas decorations. We decided to make a go at making a paper village. I always admired them, but did not want to store them. This seems to work for us. We made them and then gave them all away. Some to the kid's teachers, some to the ladies I VT, and the last couple went to some neighbors. I made an insert box for each of them and filled them with candy. I don't think we will do them every year. They are a lot of work, but I enjoyed making them and was pleased with how they turned out. The windows are mostly done with glitter. I learned a cool technique for glitter. (using packing tape and then sprinkle with glitter. It gives a more even look than glue does (unless your get a finger print on it.)


Fun with the kids part 2

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I saw this quote somewhere and fell in love with it. I wanted to make a block with this on it. We liked it so much, we decide to give it to family too, but did not know what quote would be a favorite or not, so we decided to go with four. That way they would have options. There are four main quotes, but found that one can mix and match and get some humorous ones too.

We found the "Inches make Champions" from a quote by Vincent Thomas Lombardi. It is the daily small things we do in our careers or families is what makes the difference. Here is the excerpt that I found with the quote.

Under Vincent Thomas Lombardi's direction, the Green Bay Packers collected six division titles, five NFL championships, two Super Bowls, and record of 98-30-4. Lombardi knew a lot about winning. If football is a game of inches, so is career success. In the competitive world, you seldom win by a landslide.

Buzz Sullivan, a high school diving coach, said "A champion is someone who goes so far they can't go another inch—and then they go that inch." Winning in business or in personal life is all about inches: going small distances successfully, then going farther still.

Mr. M. painted the small white blocks. He wanted to wash his hands between each one. After the first block we told him he couldn't wash his hands until he was done. Somehow by the time he was done he had paint all over his hair.
Little A got to paint the medium size block. She was all about speed and quantity. She wiped through them in not time flat. Mom and dad ended up going over them for a touch up since the layer was on so light and it was a dark brown.

Big A was not home the night her siblings sanded and painted, but we saved the biggest ones for her to do. She sanded with her dad and then wen to work painting. She did an excellent job all around.


Fun with the kids part 1

Monday, December 28, 2009

This year we really wanted our family presents to be from our entire family. So we came up with a couple of ideas that the kids could mainly do. As you can see from all the pictures, they really got into it. Too bad they didn't have more to do, because I think they would have gladly done more. We focused on four main colors (red, blue, silver and gold).


Lastest procedure discogram

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Shaun's latest procedure included five needles last week. This one was a diagnostic one to inflict pain in areas that are problem areas in his neck. The goal is to pin point where the pain is coming from and to verify to see if there is disc degeneration. It is called a discogram. The doctor inserts small tubes in the front side of his neck. Then they insert thin needles into each of the tubes. The needles then inject dye between the vertebrae. The goal is to see if any of the vertebrae hurt more than the rest when the dye is injected. If all points hurt then the test in inconclusive, since the test itself is uncomfortable. A positive test is when some areas hurt and other areas don't or are just uncomfortable. They did five injection points, three of the five had varying degrees of pain.

C3- 4 no pain
C 4-5 lots of pain
C 5-6 almost as much pain as above
C 6-7 pain, but not nearly as much as the previous two
C 7 -T1 no pain

This is the report that the DR gave us, since Shaun was awake, but remembers none of this. This makes his 9th time under anesthetic in a thirteen month time frame. Though this was a bit different since there was no pain medicine in the anesthesia for obvious reasons. Next week will be number 10, when he goes in for his radio frequency ablation in a new location than his last one that did not take. The original plan was to do the C 3-4 area, but the DR who did the discogram is recommending that the C 4-5 be done in addition. Even though this cauterizes the nerve, it is still considered temporary relief, since the nerves grow back and reconnect. Hopefully this will buy more time than the others have provided since it is in right area.

This procedure left some pretty good bruises. He will have some battle wounds to show off for the next couple weeks. Additionally, it was his lucky day for bruises. He has great veins and has yet to bruise with all the IV's he has gotten, until this time. I am not sure what went wrong, but I have never seen an IV bruise this bad and they got him on the first try. So right now he has a couple of areas he is pretty black and blue. Hopefully next week will be better.


The Nutcracker

This is the first time any of us in our family has gone to the nutcracker. It was a nice treat. I was a bit nervous the kids would get bored since there were no words, just music and dance, but they were great. The theater had us buy tickets in the back and side. (They said that the kids could see better that way, but I think it was to give us and quick and easy out if the kids needed taken out.) Either way, the view was fine and the kids stay in their seats just fine and behaved better than we could have ever have anticipated.


more sewing projects

Friday, December 25, 2009

This first picture is from a sewing class I took at church. I saw a cute bag and immediately thought," free sewing lessons". Thank you Kymberly for your patience. I could not have made this on my own. I think Big A will enjoy it.

The material was pretty spendy, so I was not willing to waste a bit, so when I realized I had extra left over, I made a scripture tote for Little A. I know that Big A won't be thrilled with the matching fabric, but hope the size difference will make up for it. I also had some other fabric, so I thought I would make another scripture tote for Mr. M. I hope each of the kid's likes them. I am pretty sure Mr. M will, since he demands to bring scriptures to church each Sunday. He says he wants to look like a "Bishop". He wears a tie and suit coat (actually a washable blazer) and has scriptures. Last Sunday he said he was wearing a belt like a bishop, I thought he was just using his imagination since he doesn't have a belt. My fault for not looking. He had taken apart another tie and wrapped it around his waist for a belt. Oh, so creative.


Christmas eve German style

Thursday, December 24, 2009

This is a repost from last year, since this is an annual tradition.

Like most families, ours has it's share of family traditions. One of those traditions happens on Christmas Eve, where we have a traditional German Dinner. This dinner always consists of Bayrischer Weißwurst (Bavarian White Sausage) Along with this sausage we have Brazen (pretzels), Bayrischer kartoffel salat (German potato salad served warm), and rote kohl (similar to sauer kraut only red and sweet). It's funny that this has become on of those must do family traditions (even though Mom and Dad says no one likes it, which is not true.)

What I like most about this tradition is the reminder of our heritage (my father is half German my Grandmother on my fathers side came here as a child from Germany and my Grandfather and Father both served a mission there and my even my mother's side of the family came from Germany in the 1700's .) So for me it is an opportunity to reconnect to my families past and share the experience with my children. Plus I really do enjoy the dinner, well not the rote hohl but everything else. Below I have attached some photo's of the different dishes and a video on how to cook Bayrischer Weißwurst. Let us know what you think and what are some of your family traditions at this time of year.

Bayrischer Weißwurst (Bavarian White Sausage)

rote kohl (similar to sauer kraut only red)

Bayrischer kartoffel salat (German potato salad served warm)

Brazen (pretzels)


Where to buy: Bayrischer Weißwurst (Bavarian White Sausage)

Original Bavarian Sausage (Tigard Oregon)
Edelweiss Sausage and Delicatessen (Portland, Oregon)

How To Cook And Eat Bavarian White Sausages(This is not an endorsement just a funny video my Father found and made each of us watch this year before we could eat dinner.)


more cards

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

This is the final batch of cards I made recently with my cricut. Little A has two teachers at school and I gave each a stack of handmade cards with a 3-D paper house full of candy. It was fun project, though I am glad to be done. I mad some of the teacher's cards holiday themed and other's with a more general theme


Trip to the Fire dept.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I am really behind on blogging, so I am posting this trip to the fire dept that was a few months ago. Mainly, because I want to remember the time together. It seems once the kids start school, you see so much less of them and they grow up so quickly. It seems that my alone time with Little A. is not nearly as often as I would like. Being the middle child, she gets shorted often from both directions.

Any way, back to the fire dept. field trip. We walked with her class and another class there and back. They got to hear all about fire safety and explore the fire truck and ambulance from inside and out. At the end they were each given a pencil with a fire truck eraser, hat and activity bag.