My day at the DR's office

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I took the two youngest in for shots today. I scheduled the appointment 6 months ago. Apparently, Hep A is a new vaccine that came up at our five year old appointment. (Our insurance doesn't pay for well visits except once every 3 years, so we did not know we needed it.) So we had to have a series of two shots six months apart. Well I went there only to find out we were four days early, but by days we were exactly 180 days. They informed me that there was a chance the state would reject it for being 4 days early and make her do it again. Meanwhile, both were to get flu shots. (I know the season is half over, but I only wanted to make one trip to the DR) Matthew decided he wanted to us the potty. (He has sat on occasion, but never has gone) I tried to get him to wait, but he began to scream, "I want to go potty!!!" over and over and over. So I gave in while we were discussing, whether to go ahead with the Hep A or not. Then we did Abigail's flu shot. Meanwhile Matthew was in the other room on the toilet, refusing to get off. After about 15 minutes, I decide to remove him and wash hands. He was okay with that until I tried to leave the bathroom. He grabbed the door and began to yell again, "I want to go potty!!!" So we end up giving the shot anyway to him, despite his protest. After the shot, guess what? He no longer needed to go potty. The office thought he came up with that to get out of his shot. Then on the drive home, I thought a bit. Back in December. I remember two Sunday when it hit 11:30 (nap time), he did the same thing at church. He would cry, "I want to go" and "I want to go potty" Both times were just a ploy to leave nursery, because he was tired, and he refussed to sit on the potty and let me know he wanted to go home. All I can say is he is a clever boy.


Amanda January 21, 2009 at 9:24 AM  

kids learn really fast how to get out of things they don't want to do. Or to get your attention. I remember Ethan fake coughing before he was even one just to get me to look at him!