The things you learn in nursery

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I love to be in nursery. Some weeks are harder than other (lots of kids crying), some weeks are easier and go smoother. Today, after lesson and singing time we turned back on the primary music, the little girl in the red dress, started dancing by herself then in turn with each of the kids. She found one little boy who danced at her speed, the others were too slow and would fall down. These two danced for almost ten minutes. It was too cute how could we not let them. The last picture is of two of the small kids who wanted to dance too. They dance for a couple of minutes and then moved on to another activity. This is not something I would have ever thought of doing in nursery, but they had fun and it worked today. We also started a new game for at the end of nursery. We turn off the lights and everyone lays down and goes to sleep. When the lights come back on, I show them a picture of an animal and they act like the animal. Such as a frog, they ribbit and hop around.


Amanda January 21, 2009 at 9:28 AM  

That last picture has to be one of the cutest you have ever posted.... oh wait that is my kid! Love it. What a fun idea for nursary! Hayden loves to make animal sounds!