Memoriable events of the day

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Today was a memorable day.

Anna is now 5 foot 6 1/4 inches with no shoes on and much taller with. She is now taller than her mom. For that she is grounded until she reverses that.

Abigail gave a wonderful talk in primary. She wrote most of it. It was about family members have important responsibilities. We had to change a few parts. Like at first she said, Dad's job is to tell people what to do. We discussed it a bit and decided he had other important things other than telling everyone what to do.

Matthew learned a new song today. It is called "Follow the Pocket." He runs around singing "Follow the pocket, follow the pocket, follow the pocket, don't go astray..."

Shaun had a day of many first. First Bishopric meeting with all members there. First PEC meeting. First PPI with someone. I am not sure who. First temple recommend interview. First calling issued. First sacrament prayer correction. First fast and testimony meeting as Bishop.

As for me, well I am taking over the blog. Not because I am interesting. My post rarely get comments, but because some one has to do it and well the lot fell upon me. Though as time permits, we shall hear pieces from Shaun.

I went to nursery today. It was great. It usually is. I have grown to love those kids. I think I like them more and more each week. Some of them I could keep honestly if their parents ever wanted to get rid of them. I just would not want all of them all the time. Nine two year olds 24/7, would send me to the crazy house. Today I think one of the kids had an accident. At least it was not on me. Later I knelt on the floor and got my skirt wet. I wonder if it was water or the other. Oh well. Couldn't do anything then. Oh, one more exciting moment. Our door is hard to shut in our classroom. As someone was leaving today. They closed it and the clock bounced off our wall and landed right between two little girls. Didn't bother them one bit, but scared the day lights our of Yvonne and I. We changed the time and moved it over the chalk board. I think we will be fine now and now next week we don't have to change the time.

On a different note. I over heard someone saying what they were fasting for today. They said they prayed that their dad would be home more. All I could think to myself was that they were praying for their dad to be unemployed. Thank you Child your dad will be so thrilled. We seriously need to be careful what we ask the Lord for. For we don't know how our prayers will be answered.

Well that about sums it up.


Sconierson March 2, 2009 at 7:30 AM  

So any ideas on getting Emerson ready for Nursery. I think that he will be fine. There are still a few songs that we need to work on with him but I think all will be well.

Jeni March 2, 2009 at 10:44 AM  

Just remind Anna that she is not the tallest lady in the family yet. I still have a half an inch on her, and if she knows what is good for her she will stop growing now before it is to late.
Love you Anna

Amanda March 2, 2009 at 5:07 PM  

About Anna's height the other day when I picked her up to watch my kids I thought "it isn't right that the baby sitter is taller then me.... but if the baby sitter was shorter then me they would have to be 9!" Oh well!! Oh and sorry that Hayden peed in nursary! Larry had taken her and didn't wait long enough I guess!!! Good thing I brought dry pants! We loved Abigails talk!!!