A busy week and head line news.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

This last week has been a swamped week. In fact, Shaun's work in doing IT forensics made the front page of the newspaper two days in a row. Shaun has been fortunate that he does not often work a lot of over time. Last Wednesday afternoon, a state agency had a problem. His department has to wait until they are invited to help. Often agencies like to use their internal employees first. None the less, he started home from work that day wondering when they would allow his department to help. He did not even make it home, before receiving a call to come back to work. He immediately returned to work and began working, concluding the night with a half hour conference call that began at 10 pm. Shaun was sad to miss Anna's school choir concert, but some times that is how life is.

The next three days were filled with many man hours as Shaun and the other team members worked until the investigation was completed. Many people spent many long evenings and a full day on Saturday. Our family was happy to hear that dad was done Saturday night, otherwise he would have been required to work on Easter. One employee worked all day Easter to wrap up the final findings, so it could be validated by the FBI on Monday. Their agency works closely with the FBI Forensics office. At the conclusion of the investigation, DAS's results were verified with a member of the FBI's office, who concluded that the investigative team was extremely impressive with their absolute attention to detail, thoroughness and explanations of their findings.

The newspaper readers on the other hand were not so nice. Bear in mind. My husband does not build the systems, manage the systems, work at the location of the data or anything of that sort, so he and his department often can be blamed for things that are completely beyond their control. I have included a few just to give an idea how that some people are odd and clueless.

Hmm. Do any of these fit Shaun?

"The cyber security people at DAS are like some silly cartoon. They all wear leather jackets and sunglasses. Really, you should see these idiots!"

"The state of Oregon is unable to hire the best and the brightest in its IT departments. Several years ago state government added three more steps on almost every IT classification in order to attract the aforementioned applicants but the uninspired and dim-witted continue to fill these positions.... And what do the citizens of Oregon get for the extra money they're spending on IT? Well let's just say Microsoft isn't trying to steal these IT employees away. Suffice to say, the state should drug test at hire and randomly thereafter."

Here are two links if you want to read the articles yourself.

Hacker breaches State Network
4/11/2009 SJ newspaper

Hacker didn't access DHS data, 4/14/2009 SJ newspaper


Amanda April 16, 2009 at 11:22 AM  

All I have to say is it was printed in the Statesman Journal!!! They are the idiots! I have to laugh most of the time when I read their paper they are usually a day or more behind the Oregonian, and always have spelling, and grammar mistakes (and if I catch them they are bad!)I wouldn't trust a Statesman article to give an accurate account of much of anything! My oppinion!