Good thing the economy has gone south

Friday, April 10, 2009

I can't wait until this economy improves.
I hope it will be quickly.
When bad things strike it is so important to find the good in each situation. Some times it is harder to do. About a month ago my brother and his dad lost their job. My brother worked the night shift, while his dad worked the day shift as machinists at an engine block company. With the auto industry decline, so are trickle down jobs. They live in the town I lived in for 10 years. Most of my schooling was there as a child. It is a small town and so when trouble hits, it is felt by many. Today I am grateful for his unemployment, because last night a tornado went through the town leaving many homes and buildings destroyed. My old middle school damaged, the courthouse and jail (which is across the street of the school) also damaged. Talk about a get our of jail free card. I called my brother as soon as I heard the news. He is fine, but he did say there was damage to his old work. How extensive, he did not know. I am so glad he was home and safe.

I remember growing up and seeing twisters over us. I remember lots of tornado warnings. I remember being scared, and then it just becoming a normal part of my life. At school we had tornado drills. It is a part of life in that region, but no matter how often you prepare, it always takes one by surprise a bit. I think that as we grew up, we got so used to hearing about the warnings, that you just assumed it would only touch down somewhere else. Additionally, one just doesn't prepare for the wave of emotion that is felt during and after such an event. My prayers thank the Lord that my brother is safe. He could see the funnel cloud, but he was not in it's path. My heart goes out the the families of the four that have died and the 30+ who were injured. My prayers will be with them and their families.

One last concern I have is for the church in that area. It is a small branch that covers a larger area. It is where I found the gospel of Jesus Christ and so I can't help but be concerned for the members there. The stake center is 1 1/2 hr north in Fort Smith, so I do not doubt that the leaders there have and are in contact with their Mena members and all will or have been accounted for. That is a great strength of our church. Even with that all said. The church there is so dear to me, that I still worry for all affected. The love that branch shares is best stated on their church web page which says:
"This little unit of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is big on building friendships that will endure forever.

You can feel it in our handshakes.
You can hear it in our spiritual hymns.
You can see it in the way we serve.
You can share it by coming to our meetings more often.
Other members moving to this area can expect a hearty welcome and an important new calling."

Here are a couple of news links for any interested:

'Tornado Worst Mena Has Ever Seen,' Say Residents, Mayor - Local News Story - KHBS NW Arkansas


Amanda April 13, 2009 at 3:44 PM  

I feel bad when I started reading it I thought you were telling a joke and there was going to be a punch line at the end... But instead a news link. Hope all are ok!