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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

When attending an event, one must chose carefully what they wear. Today Matthew didn't care much about what he wore clothes wise. All that mattered to him was that he had knee pads on. He found them after his nap today. He has been searching every where for the matching helmet. The funny thing was. He asked for a skate board after I finally agreed to put them on him. A mom just has to say no some where and a two year old with a skate board is more than a mother can take at this point.

So I just let him wear the knee pads all day. He wore them to Abigail's school. I went around to all the classrooms today to pick things up for the carnival on the 17th. (PS it will be great, please come all you MES, IES, or HHES families too.) Then he wore them through dinner and yes, you guessed it to Anna's choir concert. Then he rode his bike around the kitchen. No helmet, but the knees are protected. Now I am over due to send him to bed. How am I going to convince him to part til morning. I just hope he doesn't have a line indent from wearing them half a day.
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Amanda April 9, 2009 at 8:25 AM  

What's the problem with putting the knee pads on over the jammies? I love the picture of him riding his bike, knee pads and a binki!!! I love your little boy! He is so fun!!!