Good quote from General conference

Friday, June 19, 2009

I was searching through my old saved drafts and ran into this. I think I was planning to dig out all the cool quotes from conference, but somehow time ran away and all I have is this one. Any way I had forgotten all about this one until I read it again. Makes me wonder what else I am forgetting. I think I shall need to add a few talks in my scripture study to help me get a refresher of April. Do you have a memorable quote, if so send it my way.

And how do you get such a testimony?
Well, there’s no new technology for that, nor will there ever be.
You cannot do a Google search to gain a testimony.
You can’t text message faith.
You gain a vibrant, life-changing testimony today the same way it has always been done.
The process hasn’t been changed. It comes through desire, study, prayer, obedience, and service. That is why the teachings of prophets and apostles, past and present, are as relevant to your life today as they ever have been.
Elder M. Russell Ballard