Jif's Most Creative Sandwich Contest

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Recently, Anna made up a delicious recipe. It was oh so good. Any way, I reminded me of a Jif contest. I told her she should enter it into the Jif contest. So we looked up the contest. Too bad it has to be a sandwich. This is not a sandwich. Could not get her to enter it last year, and this year she will be too old.

But thought is was worth mentioning, for ages 6-12. Prize is $25,000 scholarship. Postmarked by Nov 13.



Two ER visits in 24 hours

This is a late entry, but we will post it now any way. Matthew on August 2nd, some how went outside in the back yard alone and reached up to touch the BQ. He came running to the door to come in and was crying. It took a few minutes to realized what was wrong. There was not blister or anything yet, but he kept pointing and crying about his hand. Then I noticed a small black sooty area and it all clicked together. We spent an hour trying to help it on our own, before we decided to take him to the ER. The main decision to take him to the ER was the pain level was so bad that we didn't know what to do. Soaking in cold water was the only thing that brought comfort. We had to change it every few minutes, because if it got too warm he would begin to cry.

At the ER, it was a bad day for left hands. One in front of us had a fishing accident in the ocean and thought they had dislocated a left thumb. The one after us cut her left hand with a cheese knife.

After waiting another two hours with his hand in water. They finally bandaged up his hand with silver cream. Wow, we love that stuff. It sealed out the air and his pain when down.
They put on a big bandage, and told us to go to the DR in two days for a dressing change.

We came home and put him to bed, only to have the whole bandage slide off the next morning. We calculated 4 waking hours with the bandage on.

No, we didn't take him to the ER, but we did take him to a different Peditrian than our own, since ours is closed on Mondays. The above pictures are in the ER and the below one is the next day in the DR's office.

The DR we saw left him as is, and said he would never keep a bandage on unless it was up to his neck. Told us to wash a couple of times a day and rinse with water 8 or so times a day and put silver cream on it 3 times a day. His hand today is all healed and fine. You can barely tell he was burned.

That night, Shaun went to the ER. The DR checked him for a hernia and then scheduled blood work and CAT scan for appendix. The DR said if it was the appendix he would be admitted in the hospital that night otherwise sent home and what ever it was would work it's way out on it's own.

The good news is he got to come home that night, but bad news is the said he had "Terminal Ileitis". All we know is that it describes the location of an inflammation of the small intestine, but the cause can be anything. He was told to go on a liquid diet and sent home. Three days on liquids, he said he was starting to feel somewhat better and went gradually back on solids. Then he progressed and got worse again. His Dr is stumped and sent him to a specialist, who is booked and can't see him until mid Sept. So he has been told to stay on liquid diet until then. Again somewhat better, but not pain free. Any ideas for high calorie drinks that doesn't have dairy would be welcomed. Dairy upsets his stomach and it is not healthy to lose a large amount of weight in a short time anyway.


Getting in free to the State Fair

Friday, August 28, 2009

Almost daily there are opportunities to get into the State fair. How? Enter one of their contest. They have 2 to 3 each day. One word of warning is that you want to be there at least 1/2 hour before the contest starts. They actually have someone stand at the end of line to not let people enter half hour before the contest begins. Because of parking and everything, plan to be there even earlier. The gate you want to enter is the Red gate off of 17th street. Just show them the item you are entering and they will let you right on in, then take an immediate right into the Americraft Cookware Center (also called Jackman-Long Building).

Here is the link to what there is to enter. Click (here) and (here) They were not very good at posting the details online for each of the competitions. Most are open to all age groups, but some are only open to over 18, such as the Sugar cookie decorating. Or under 18, such as the pack a lunch contest.

Many contest have either gift cards or cash. (I mean $100 for first place, now that is some prize) For example, we went today and entered the Bob's Red Mill contest. Over 100 entries, and 20 prizes awarded. No I didn't win, but we got in free. Of course if my hubby had been able to take off work like planned the out come may have been different, since he is a seasoned baker and I am not. He has been working until 10:30 at night the last two nights and having to be at work at 7 am, so it is up in the air if he will work Saturday too. If not, perhaps we will head back to the fair for free again, we only saw a small fraction of all there is to see. There are lots of free things to do.


$45 off a $100 purchase at Old Navy

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I have a coupon for free to anyone interested in saving money at Old Navy. It is for $45 off a purchase of $100 or more.

We used a similar one last week and it loved it. We did it in combination with a Saturday morning sale. They had any kid's socks for $1. We got some three pack of socks for both of our younger kids. With the coupon it came out to 17 cents a pair of sock. It was great. I was amazed the three packs were only a $1 too, then half off with our coupon. We also stocked up on $3 tee shirts for all of us, that ended up being only $1.50 after all was said and done.

Any way here is the link of where I get the coupons. They are currently out of the high value coupons, but reset them each Thursday evening. http://www.oldnavyweekly.com/

Leave a comment or send me an email if this is something of interest to you. I will do a drawing if there are multiple comments.


The many ways we say goodbye

Sunday, August 23, 2009

This week has been a week of events. It started off by receiving word that a friend I met in middle school is getting a divorce. We got married a month apart. I even wore her wedding dress on my wedding day. I used many of her wedding decorations at our reception. We had our first children less than a week apart. Though I had not spoken to her for quite a while I some how have wondered if there was something wrong in her marriage for a while. I wish them both the best, that the Lord will guide them as the road a head is so difficult.

Then today I received word that a woman I knew has passed away after her third case of cancer. Cathy Burger. Cathy was 69 years old. She died this evening, finding out this summer that the cancer was terminal. She had such a smile and a desire to overcome. I will miss her. I first met her in the Corvallis 1st ward. Her husband and her had just joined the church. I soon moved away. It was five or so years later, that I learned she moved into my ward. We didn't talk much then, and she didn't attend church much either. It was not until 2005, when my calling sent me to her house. She had just returned from Seattle with a three month battle with the surgery due from bladder cancer. It was at this time that I really got to know her. We visited often, some times weekly depending on how she was doing. She love my kids and they love her. I loved our chats, but most of all her beautiful smile. She was so optimistic. About three years ago she and her husband moved to Seattle, to be with the doctors she trusted so much, as she was then battling lung cancer. She over came yet another time. It was not until June that I learned there was again cancer. Lung again, but this time it had spread beyond and was not curable as was the first two. The Seattle Cancer Care center has a patient blog that is private, that she invited me to be part of her support group. It was was hard hearing how quickly the cancer took her life from her, yet I cherish these last moments with her. I just wished I was closer to giver her a hug. She posted when she found out she had only months to live. She posted when she tried chemo pills and then had to stop, because she was too ill. She had great days and lots of not so great. The last month, a lady named Julie wrote all her entries for her and read her the comments she received. I wished I had posted more. I just did not know what to say. It is hard to know the right words when life is being ripped away right before her eyes. One doesn't know what to make of the word months. Does that mean 6 or 18 or in this case less than three months to live? I just wish I had reached out more.

Well with all my ramble. I can say I care for both of these women. I am so much better having known them. They are remarkable. May the Lord take care of them both now as they have very different journeys ahead of them. I know the Lord is watching over both of them



Science Fair Project

Friday, August 21, 2009

Junk Science

A student at Eagle Rock Junior High won first prize at the
Greater Idaho Falls Science Fair, April 26. He was
attempting to show how conditioned we have become to
alarmists practicing junk science and spreading fear of
everything in our environment. In his project he urged
people to sign a petition demanding strict control or total
elimination of the chemical "dihydrogen monoxide."

And for plenty of good reasons, since:

1. it can cause excessive sweating and vomiting
2. it is a major component in acid rain
3. it can cause severe burns in its gaseous state
4. accidental inhalation can kill you
5. it contributes to erosion
6. it decreases effectiveness of automobile brakes
7. it has been found in tumors of terminal cancer patients

He asked 50 people if they supported a ban of the chemical.

Forty-three (43) said yes, six (6) were undecided, and only
one (1) knew that the chemical was water.

The title of his prize winning project was, "How Gullible
Are We?"


King of the Cookstove!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

This year Shaun entered the King of the Cookstove again. Last year he entered 25 items and took 2nd place, so he thought he would seal it this year with over 60 entries. The good news is that he would have won regardless, due to all the blue ribbons he received. The bad news is that he was the only male to enter and was guaranteed the win any way.

A couple of highlights, his French bread took first place for the second year in a row. This year it was awarded best in class of the yeast breads. He also took best in class in the dried foods for his dried blueberries, and best in class in the jams. (I taught him all I know in the jams, so he can thank me for that one, but everything else is all on his own.)

Shaun was a trooper, he had three kids in the kitchen with him and still was able to pull it off. Matthew insisted that dad's entries to the fair were his. (probably true to some degree, because he was constantly asking to help dad.)

The way I see it now, I have three members of this family who received outstanding awards for their cooking, and now dinner should be cooked by them and not me. After all I have not received a single award. Let's leave it to the pros, I say. Do you think I can convince them?


Shaun's fair fine art photos

This year Shaun entered 10 photos. He did not do as well as last year, but he also has not had the time to devote to his photos as he would like. He received 4 blue ribbons and the other 6 did not place. We are proud of him and hope he continues to develop this hobby.


Anna enters Jr Chef competition

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Anna watched her dad enter the King of the Cookstove competition last year and wanted to enter this year. She did and took first place. What can I say, that girl can cook. She even took home a out standing exhibit in yeast breads for her age. It was a bread maker recipe that she picked out in from online. We had not even had a chance to try it, but it was a winner. She had to enter at least one item from several categories.

  • 2 cookie types
  • quick bread
  • yeast bread
  • candy
  • decorated cake (fake foam cake allowed, so that is what she used)
She was able to compete in the Jr competition for all things, except the candy was judged against the adults too.


Anna's fair entries

This year Anna entered 10 pictures, 2 drawings, 1 computer drawing, and a report on Caffeine that she wrote on her own for extra credit at school. She loves doing reports on things that she views as a great topic.

This year she took 1st place in the best photo exhibit for her age group. She also did quite well on her other photos. 6 first places and 3 second places. Her report took second. One drawing took first and the computer one also took first. She seems to be developing some very nice talents.


Abigail's first entry into the fair

Abigail really wanted to enter the fair with her dad and sister this year. She entered five items. All were cookies. We crossed our fingers that she would get at least one ribbon. We were all pleased to see that not only did she ribbon, but she got on out standing exhibit on cookies. This award was given to only one cookie in the jr class division. The funny thing is she insisted on making oatmeal raisin cookies, but we tried to convince her to make oatmeal chocolate chip like dad was making. She held strong to her decision to make the raisin kind and it paid off well for her.

Here are the five things she entered:
  • Oatmeal cookies (plain) 2nd place
  • Oatmeal raisin 1st place and outstanding exhibit
  • No bake peanut butter balls 2nd place
  • Peanut butter cookies 1st place
  • Chocolate chip cookies 3rd place

She had a great time at the fair. She had her arm painted by a clown and got the see her old kindergarten teacher and share the news of her ribbons with her. She is such a great teacher, that today we received a card for Abigail in the mail congratulating her on the ribbons.


Shaun's mothers paintings

We have been trying to convince Shaun's mother to enter her amazing paintings in our county fair. This year she surprized us by entering. We took her paintings she picked out down for her. Every where we would go people made comments. Even a couple people asked if they were for sale. (Luckily for the family they are not.)

Any way, entered five and all of them placed. I only have pictures of four of them. One received the Sheila Toler award, which is given by Ms. Toler herself. She picks one and only one painting. The picture that is missing was of a bird on a post, with some flowers around the post. That one received the historical award. Another received an outstanding exhibit award and the rest received 1st place blue ribbons. I hope she is as proud of herself as we are.