Two ER visits in 24 hours

Sunday, August 30, 2009

This is a late entry, but we will post it now any way. Matthew on August 2nd, some how went outside in the back yard alone and reached up to touch the BQ. He came running to the door to come in and was crying. It took a few minutes to realized what was wrong. There was not blister or anything yet, but he kept pointing and crying about his hand. Then I noticed a small black sooty area and it all clicked together. We spent an hour trying to help it on our own, before we decided to take him to the ER. The main decision to take him to the ER was the pain level was so bad that we didn't know what to do. Soaking in cold water was the only thing that brought comfort. We had to change it every few minutes, because if it got too warm he would begin to cry.

At the ER, it was a bad day for left hands. One in front of us had a fishing accident in the ocean and thought they had dislocated a left thumb. The one after us cut her left hand with a cheese knife.

After waiting another two hours with his hand in water. They finally bandaged up his hand with silver cream. Wow, we love that stuff. It sealed out the air and his pain when down.
They put on a big bandage, and told us to go to the DR in two days for a dressing change.

We came home and put him to bed, only to have the whole bandage slide off the next morning. We calculated 4 waking hours with the bandage on.

No, we didn't take him to the ER, but we did take him to a different Peditrian than our own, since ours is closed on Mondays. The above pictures are in the ER and the below one is the next day in the DR's office.

The DR we saw left him as is, and said he would never keep a bandage on unless it was up to his neck. Told us to wash a couple of times a day and rinse with water 8 or so times a day and put silver cream on it 3 times a day. His hand today is all healed and fine. You can barely tell he was burned.

That night, Shaun went to the ER. The DR checked him for a hernia and then scheduled blood work and CAT scan for appendix. The DR said if it was the appendix he would be admitted in the hospital that night otherwise sent home and what ever it was would work it's way out on it's own.

The good news is he got to come home that night, but bad news is the said he had "Terminal Ileitis". All we know is that it describes the location of an inflammation of the small intestine, but the cause can be anything. He was told to go on a liquid diet and sent home. Three days on liquids, he said he was starting to feel somewhat better and went gradually back on solids. Then he progressed and got worse again. His Dr is stumped and sent him to a specialist, who is booked and can't see him until mid Sept. So he has been told to stay on liquid diet until then. Again somewhat better, but not pain free. Any ideas for high calorie drinks that doesn't have dairy would be welcomed. Dairy upsets his stomach and it is not healthy to lose a large amount of weight in a short time anyway.