Two minutes of fame part two

Friday, September 11, 2009

Just because I had a picture of the final product and the cool ribbon. I will post it, but mainly I wanted to write about how fascinating the studio was. Just below is on of the three areas the weatherman stood to broadcast live. This was the room we waited in until is was our turn to go. From on air one would never know he was just standing by a big sign and a large screen tv. Then another time he sat in the main studio with the anchor man. Other than that he would stand in front of a blue screen and point in one direction or another as the actual picture would appear on tv. Then he would run to his computer and then back to one of his places. This went on about a dozen or so times each hour. Oh so fasinating.

The "real" studio was divided into three main areas. All one room but three areas. In the center was two camera people who did an amazing job. The sound people were somewhere, but no where I could see. While we were there they had a couple contest to win Bimart gift cards for caller # 9. It was neat to watch. A lady with a headset would be anywhere on set or off (it was commercial break). She would say your caller 1.... all the way to 8 and then make a bigger deal with caller 9.

Does Anna look great for having get up at 3 am to come with us? Any way, it was a neat experience, but not one I would get up at 3 am or so for again. It took me most of the day to recoup from lack of sleep.