The update on the scoop

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thanks for all the comments. The winners each had two answers correct. It is a three way tie for Jef, Jeni and Amanda. We will get the cookies out as soon as all are well for a number of days. After all there are somethings that shouldn't be shared. Jef, I will drop off your cookies at your mom's.

Questions about our family
1. How many of us have been sick with the flu this week?
When I posed this question, the answer was three. We thought Shaun had it, but then he didn't it was his mysterious other thing he has had since August, and now yesterday it looks like he does, so hmm. I will take the answers 3 or 4.

2. What other ailment did someone have this week (not last week for those paying attention)?
The answer here was kidney stones, again Shaun thought he had kidney stones, but he has yet to pass anything and we are hoping it was just a fluke. Anyway the DR ordered another CAT Scan, which he had today to see what has been going on for the last while in that area. The stones/ pain came about a week after his headache procedure. I really think he deserves a break for a while.

3. Who went to the hospital this week?
Abigail went to the hospital last Tuesday. She got dehydrated and could not hold anything down every time she coughed. She is the only child of ours to ever have to get an IV due to sickness. They never tested her for the swine flu, but I noticed in the paperwork that they send you home with, that it listed dehydration and the swine flu. The hospital was pretty boggled that she had not had a fever and no one really knew what type of flu she had. Matthew and I both had a mild fever and it is still too early to tell for Shaun. We have found it takes about 9 days to get over this (if you don't count the lingering cough, which we all still have). Shaun has had it offically two days now, and plans to go to work tomorrow. I think it may be safer for everyone else to call in sick. Hopefully he just has a mild case and he is fine tomorrow. He plans to rest lots this weekend and be completely well in record time.

4. Who is the only person to not have gone to the hospital in the last 365 days?
Every one but me have been to the hospital in the last year.
Anna tonsils- Nov '08
Matthew a burn Aug '09
Abigail dehydration Nov '09
Shaun, well do we really need to list all that

5. How many times has Shaun been under anesthesia in the last year?
The answer here is six, and it looks like there is no end in site. Our goal is to be none at all for next year, but the DR's don't think that is too likely.

There was one question I forgot to list. Who has been going around the house with a bottle of bleach water and gloves? Most of you think that the answer to that is me, but it is not. It was Shaun. Everyday last week he faithfully bleached the doors, handles and counters. One day I opened the cupboard to get a bowl and he immediately wiped it down. I even had washed my hands before touching it. I guess it was not enough, because he is sick now. Next time I worry he might bleach us. Though Matthew is the likely contaminator. He keep asking dad to hold him and as he got feeling better he got into everything, making the bleaching an impossible task.

Well that is about all the excitement we will share now. The one thing I know is change is one of the few constants in life. Anna is the only one to stay well and we hope she stays that way.
Thanks for all your concern.