A Conversation With Mr. M

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

We are learning if we want a good laugh we just need to talk to our little Mr. Here are some excerpts from conversations we have recently had.

Dad: What did you tell Santa you wanted for Christmas?
Mr M: A Present
Dad: What do you want in the present?
Mr. M: Chopsticks
Dad: Why do you want chopsticks?
Mr. M: Because I need them
Dad: Why do you need them?
Mr. M: To take to school
Dad: Why do you want to take chopsticks to school?
Mr. M: So I can play the drums.

Another great example happened recently when he proclaimed, "Dad you're a dragon!"
Dad: Oh really. If I'm a dragon what is Mom?
Mr. M: A Queen
Dad: What about about your oldest Sister?
Mr. M: She's a princess, a big princess.
Dad: What about your other Sister?
Mr. M: she's the King
Dad: What are you?
Mr. M: The prince who protects the castle. Who keeps people out.
Dad: Ok? What is the dog?
Mr. M: a jester. (oh, so true.)
Dad: What is the cat?
Mr. M: an armor shiner!
Dad: what is an armor shiner?
Mr. M: the person who wears armor and kills the dragon.
Dad: You mean a knight in shining armor?
Mr. M: Dad, an armor shiner knight.

To cute. -SG.

And finally today
Two kids were arguing in the car about a stuffed Anteater toy.

Miss A: An anteater eats ants.
Mr. M: No it does not eat ants.
Miss A: Yes they do, that is why they are called an anteater
Mr. M: No, anteaters do not eat ants.
Miss A: YES, ANT EATER eat ants, it is in their name.
(ON and ON they went, finally to end it all)
Mr. M: No, they only eat chicken! Anteaters eat chicken!

Really, now we all now know.


Amanda Davis December 17, 2009 at 4:36 PM  

I love your kids they are soooo stinking funny!