Couponing, is it really worth your time?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Recently, a few people have thought I was crazy to be using coupons to save money. They are more time consuming than just running to the store and throwing anything that meets my fancy into my cart. Since I live a 20-ish miles away from most of the stores, I am choosy about what sales are worth my gas. Saving 20 cents is not worth my time or gas, but when I can walk away saving a bunch then I go for it. This month I was able to restock my cleaning supplies for about 5o cents or so a bottle and got $65 worth of medical things (band-aids, neosporin, cough medicine, vitamins, saline mist, children's pain reliver, and more) all for free. Most were name brand, but some were store brand give aways. Some I made a profit on that covered the cost of rest. Some were rebates. Mostly it was just waiting for a good deal and using a coupon and only buying what we will use. New deals will come and I don't recommending hoarding a garage full of things. If I can't use it by the expiration date then I probably don't need it or should give it away. However, it does take time to figure out the current deals. Some months I don't find anything that great and others are incredible.

I ran into this video and after the 10 sec commercial in the beginning, it shows two couponers who make couponing an art. It shows what coupons can do to the overall budget. Here is the Nightline link here or go to:

'Super Couponers' Clip Their Wayto Savings at the Grocery Store - ABC News

Just after posting this, I saw on a blog I follow that there is a $5 rebate on the cleaning products I bought when you buy three. Let see, I bought windex and soft scrub and pledge. Each were $1.99, used $1 off coupons and doubled each of them for another 50 cents off. Paid 49 cents each and now I get to have a rebate. That is ten free cleaning items with the overage from the rebate.

Here is the rebate link. It goes through July so, others are welcome to it too.


who can resist a free cereal?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Here is from a shopping trip last night. I had a bunch of coupons that were going to expire today and I was not sure I could make it there today, so I ran out last night on the first day of the sale. The last month this store has been good to me with various sales. I have stocked up on some much needed items. There is tons of cereals on sale this week, I only bought the ones I had coupons for the most part. Good thing, because we are on our last box of corn flakes and have been out of oatmeal squares for a few months now and have not been able to stock up on.

We did two transactions and spent a total of $11.48 for all of it.

Here is the details for those who want it.

Transaction #1
6 Corn Flakes for ($1 each) $6
used 3($1.50 off 2 boxes) and 3 doublers = final price free

3 raisinbran extra for $ 6
used $1 off 1 & $2 off 2 & 1 doubler = .50 for one and $1 for the other two

Used $1 off when you buy 3 Kelloggs cereals

Final cost for 9 boxes of cereal came out to $1.50 (Happy dance)

Also bought 3 avocados for $1.50
1 box of nature valley bars for $1.50 (had coupon, but did not bring it with me)

Total spent on transaction # 1 was $4.50

Transaction #2
2 Orange juices $1.50 each
4 hotpockets $2 each, but on sale with store coupon for $1.50 each
used .75 off of 3 & doubler
Used $10 off frozen food coupon for a total = free with $2.25 overage on hot pockets & juice

5 boxes of Quaker squares $5

3 honey nut cherioes $1.50 each ($4.50)
3 coupons $1 off & $1 off 3 GM cereals & 1 doubler = free
1 Barilla pasta .88
coupon for .75 off and doubler= free with .37 overage

1 box of nature valley bars $1.50
shortcuts card coupon for .40= $1.10 (again didn't have a coupon with me, but it could have been lower)

6 boxes of fruit snacks/ roll ups $6
used 3 ( .50 off 2) & shortcuts card coupon for .50 off 2 & 1 doubler = total for 6 boxes $3.50

Total spent $6.98 & I got coupon for $2.50 off my next shopping trip.

Receipt said we saved 89% & 90% on our shopping trip. I find this a flawed #, because I would never pay full price, but it is flattering.

All in all, 35 items for $11.48 is 33 cents an item. Our oldest daughter uses the hot pockets for lunch at school and they always want me to buy fruit snacks, but it is a item I rarely buy, so it is a good treat for the kids lunches.