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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Most of you know I enjoy my Cricut.  The problem I face is to pull out all the stuff and play creates such a mess. I find that some days I long for  a craft room.  Somewhere to leave the mess until I am ready to play again.  Well, that just is not an option at this point in life.  My favorite thing to make is cards, but I am trying to preserve my kid's memories too.  I am terribly behind on that.  So last year, I worked on family history. Trying to branch out as far as I can, including siblings and spouses.  I made lots of progress.  There is much to do, but this year I am preserving my family's childhood history.  Both important.  Since January, I have tried to set aside one day a month to work on my kid's memory books.  I don't think I will be anywhere close to be caught up by December, but it is my goal.  Perhaps this will have to be a two year goal.

Anyhow,  I wanted one place to store all my ideas.  The good and the bad.  I have started a new blog to record my crafting journey. I still need to add my scrapbook pages, but I have added a bunch and tried to back date it to the time I did it.  Some you've seen and some just never got blogged.  Any way, feel free to take a look.  Please leave a comment if there is something you like. I love comments.    Here the link: 

For the month of July I hope to do a few more cards from Create a Critter and  start on cards made from the Sweet Treats cartridge and of course work on so more family memories.  Once a month I am doing cricut craft day with the girls.  It should be a fun summer.


Graduating from one school to another- Part one

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Blogger refuses to let me add any pictures other than what Picassa loads for me. So I will do two post. Any how, here is Miss A as she sang in the 8th grade choir. She rarely will do a solo, so we were quite please to hear her lovely voice.
Additionally she was nominated to be a speaker for the graduation ceremony. Luckily her best friend was also nominated and was chosen to speak. Funny thing is it was her birthday. What a lucky girl. She got to speak on her birthday.
Look at all those tired feet after two hours of waiting. They really try to make it special for the kids, but it is long.

Here she is getting her award for a 4.0 the entire time in middle school.


Graduating from one school to another - Part two

Though this is blurry, Miss A, loved this principle. This is the congrats handshake for graduating. I don't believe I know any other middle schooler who could say she will miss her principle. I always tried to not be known, but not Miss A. He referred to her as someone who reminded him often of his own daughters. He used to call her the " Hall Monitor", since teacher always sent her on errands during class and she was always late to lunch with her BFF, who was known as "the body guard", by the Principle.

There is the diploma, by the assistant principle.
Choir warm ups before the program. What a great group of kids. They all grow up so fast. Where did my little sweet baby go? She is so much taller than I think she should be yet. Oh, how the time flies.

Aren't they beautiful?


How much body wash does one man need?

Those of you who read my rare entries know that I love a great deal. It has to be worth my gas to drive or on the way to other errands. A few months ago, I have picked up a few free items here and there. ( like the Olay, Tone, and Irish Spring) Why not, some times I realize I like the product, some times I don't, but I am not out any money. Well, there was some great coupons for men's body wash in the Proctor and Pamble newspaper insert at the beginning of June. They had buy one get one free body wash for both Gillette and Old Spice. Then to sweeten the deal, both Walgreens and Rite Aid have been offering deals for free body wash one way or another. So for each deal they offered I paired it with a coupon and here is the results. At first we only got a little for him to try, once they passed the test, we decide to stock up, since free is free. My husband has always been a bar of soap guy, but now loves the free items and is hooked for life, which is good since it looks like he has over a year supply. His usage is much higher than mine. He started using it in June and is already on his second bottle. One bottle last me 3 months. Well, I am off to store these in the laundry room shelves, since there are too many to fit under the sink now with all the other items and towels there.


Cricut Create a critter cards

Friday, June 4, 2010

View my cricut craft blog to see all my cards and projects at

I recently got a new cricut cartridge, "Create a Critter". I can say I love this one. Here are a few cards I have made. There a bunch more I would like to make with it. It is just not enough time to play and playing makes a big mess too. I have left links to the ones I tried to copy. Of course my card and their cards are different. I love how I can get an idea, yet add my own twist. Below this post is another post of Miss A and the cards she made. She is getting quite good at cards.
And here is the site that inspired this dino:

The hippo idea came from this link:
This deer card is my knock off version from this site:


Miss A makes cards

Here are the cards that Miss A. made last weekend too. She sure can whip a bunch out in a short time. She made way more than me, though a few like the deer were cutouts that I was not happy with for one reason or another. She used them and made them look wonderful.


The backpack shame

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

So here is a tale of a backpack. Each year we buy the kid's school supplies. I buy enough for the whole year and don't usually buy more until the sales hit each summer. So in January Miss big A. comes home and shows me a little rip in her backpack. Over time is has gotten bigger, but my thoughts were "use it up, wear it out or do without". A quote I have used often this year from Pres. Hinckley. The last time I used that quote to rule my life, I ended up paying a service call bill on a broken fridge (hoping to save money), only to have to buy a new one that night and now well read on...

Besides we have other bags that could be used. She could have sewn it and counted it as a personal progress goal. Honestly, I just didn't want to buy one this close to the end of school. The plan was to get a nice new one for high school. Well apparently the backpack has gained some fame. It is referred to by some of her friends at school as pitiful. So with seven days left of school, a TMS teacher took pity and sent a brand new backpack home with her today. Well I guess I should have bought a backpack sooner. Maybe next week I will send her little sister to school with no shoes so she can come home with a new pair. Just kidding.

So now what do I do? It is not like we are too poor to buy one, I just too cheap. Do we just say thank you and go on with life or send it back with a kind no thank you, we will get a new one this summer? ( I am not buying one with 7 days left of school.)

Oh, and this summer I will add a spare backpack to our supply list.
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