Graduating from one school to another - Part two

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Though this is blurry, Miss A, loved this principle. This is the congrats handshake for graduating. I don't believe I know any other middle schooler who could say she will miss her principle. I always tried to not be known, but not Miss A. He referred to her as someone who reminded him often of his own daughters. He used to call her the " Hall Monitor", since teacher always sent her on errands during class and she was always late to lunch with her BFF, who was known as "the body guard", by the Principle.

There is the diploma, by the assistant principle.
Choir warm ups before the program. What a great group of kids. They all grow up so fast. Where did my little sweet baby go? She is so much taller than I think she should be yet. Oh, how the time flies.

Aren't they beautiful?