How much body wash does one man need?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Those of you who read my rare entries know that I love a great deal. It has to be worth my gas to drive or on the way to other errands. A few months ago, I have picked up a few free items here and there. ( like the Olay, Tone, and Irish Spring) Why not, some times I realize I like the product, some times I don't, but I am not out any money. Well, there was some great coupons for men's body wash in the Proctor and Pamble newspaper insert at the beginning of June. They had buy one get one free body wash for both Gillette and Old Spice. Then to sweeten the deal, both Walgreens and Rite Aid have been offering deals for free body wash one way or another. So for each deal they offered I paired it with a coupon and here is the results. At first we only got a little for him to try, once they passed the test, we decide to stock up, since free is free. My husband has always been a bar of soap guy, but now loves the free items and is hooked for life, which is good since it looks like he has over a year supply. His usage is much higher than mine. He started using it in June and is already on his second bottle. One bottle last me 3 months. Well, I am off to store these in the laundry room shelves, since there are too many to fit under the sink now with all the other items and towels there.