My new blog

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Most of you know I enjoy my Cricut.  The problem I face is to pull out all the stuff and play creates such a mess. I find that some days I long for  a craft room.  Somewhere to leave the mess until I am ready to play again.  Well, that just is not an option at this point in life.  My favorite thing to make is cards, but I am trying to preserve my kid's memories too.  I am terribly behind on that.  So last year, I worked on family history. Trying to branch out as far as I can, including siblings and spouses.  I made lots of progress.  There is much to do, but this year I am preserving my family's childhood history.  Both important.  Since January, I have tried to set aside one day a month to work on my kid's memory books.  I don't think I will be anywhere close to be caught up by December, but it is my goal.  Perhaps this will have to be a two year goal.

Anyhow,  I wanted one place to store all my ideas.  The good and the bad.  I have started a new blog to record my crafting journey. I still need to add my scrapbook pages, but I have added a bunch and tried to back date it to the time I did it.  Some you've seen and some just never got blogged.  Any way, feel free to take a look.  Please leave a comment if there is something you like. I love comments.    Here the link: 

For the month of July I hope to do a few more cards from Create a Critter and  start on cards made from the Sweet Treats cartridge and of course work on so more family memories.  Once a month I am doing cricut craft day with the girls.  It should be a fun summer.