1st race

Saturday, July 17, 2010

This is in many ways a  first race for both of these people. Miss A has started taking up distant running.  It is not coming easy to her, but her desire to keep going and to do it is amazing.  She ran today with 3 blisters. 

Shaun grew up a runner.  He was the fastest distant runner at his high school from his sophomore year on.     Yet he has taken a 14 year break and only in the last few weeks picked it up again.   He has decide that since Miss A is running, he would do it also.  He doesn't have nearly the speed he used to have, but that didn't bother him one bit.  After today he hopes to run more races.
Here they are all taking off.  Can you see him?
You can see just a bit of Miss A going up a pretty good size  hill.  She had just finished one mile of the race and already looked pretty tired.  What a trooper.
Here is the home stretch as he is about to cross the finish line.   The picture snapped late, but his time was 26:07.  He took 93rd out of 311.  Not bad for not running in 14 years.
I had to post this one, as Miss A is about to pass a person who used to live in our town that goes to our church.  Their whole family ran and  Miss A barely passed her, as you see as she goes over the finish line.
Thanks to this lovely man.  I only got a before the line picture, as Miss A is right behind him in the next picture.  Her time was 37:00 flat.

We are proud of both of them.  When I saw the hills they ran.  I was glad to be on the cheering end.  (not that I can run 3 miles constantly yet either.)



Monday, July 12, 2010

Last week the kids did a fabulous job at their swim lessons and earned a reward, they each got a large lollipop. Denise mentioned I would take pictures of any of them that wanted to with the lollipop as a prop.  All they had to do was save it until I was able to go out with them the next day.  Little A was the only taker she dutifully got ready and waited for me to get home. Below are some of the results. -SG


Independence Day

Sunday, July 4, 2010

In honor of Independence Day We are posting some pictures I took last night. We are very lucky to live in a community that has a fireworks show for two nights. Happy 4th of July. -SG


A month of holidays

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I was recently commenting that in our immediate and extended family, there is 6 birthdays in July.  Well, it just gets better, look at all these holidays.   They even forgot pioneer day.  We pretty much could celebrate almost every day of the month.

Our kids were sad we don't have our truck  for ugly truck day. Wouldn't be fun to go around town and award people with ribbons for ugly truck day.  All right maybe only the people we know.   Any way I expect presents on Parent's day.  I will already brought this up to the kids and I was promptly asked when is children's day? 

July 1- Canada Day!
July 4- Independence Day!
July 14- Bastille Day!
July 19- Ugly Truck Day!
July 23- Parent's Day!
July 24- Cousin's Day!
July 26- Aunt and Uncle Day!
July 30- Father-In-Law Day!
July 31- Chinese Valentine's Day!