Mr M first race running

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Here our little man ran a fine race,  in fact each of our kids ran different races and all did a great job.  We thought we would video it with Miss A. video camera she won from the library's grand prize drawing for the summer reading program.   We even put together a little slide show with a video cut of the beginning and ending of the race.   I am not sure why the sound does not correspond with the video.  I will have to play with that later.  It is right on my PC, but on the blog it is wrong.

Got to keep that ribbon with him at all times.
He will have the choice to run two more races.  If you runs the last one he will get a medal, which he is so excited about.  He got a ribbon just for running and has carried it many places.  He even has gone to sleep with it.