Molalla Race 9/18

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

With two hurt ankles, this girl still wants to run. Silly girl.
Lots of teams wearing red. I think there is 20 girls from one school on the jv team. Pretty hard not to win for them.

 Look at her go.  She passed this girl at the very end. Even with the other girls team yelling, "Don't let her pass!"

If you are tired of X-country photos, just be glad we didn't get any from the first race of the session and I am not sure if we have any from last weeks race.  I am pretty behind getting these posted. In fact I think I am about a year behind on posting things. 


Entertainment book

Monday, September 27, 2010

Okay, this is only out there to those who would normally an entertainment book or would like to get one for the first time. Miss A is selling them for Choir. If you want one they are $25 and she is selling them this week and part of next week. She also has a Little Caesars pizza kit for the freezer catalog. Let Miss A or me know if you are interested with either. She is trying to sell 5 entertainment books.


The influences of TV

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Last night after the TRI  (more on that later),  I crawled in bed and 8 pm, and said I hurt.   Mr. M. looks at me and said you need a sleep number bed.  I asked why.  He said, "A sleep number bed will get rid of your pain."  Oh, how funny he is.  I just had to laugh. He was too cute.


Miss A takes on Trask Mountain Race 2 on 9/11/2010

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Those of you who are familiar with X-country, there are some races that are extreme races.  This one was.  Through water, mud, and steep drop offs.  This is said to be her most difficult race of the season.  They get so messy that the coach doesn't have them in uniform.  Most often they pick up old clothes from Goodwill and wear odd things.  This year  we saw people run in the weirdest costumes.  Fairy wings and tutus, prom dresses, warrior and armor wear and so on.  The Miss A's Girls team wear ties and all but Miss A wore cut off dress shirts with the words "We mean business" written on the back.   So that is why she is running with a tie.
Here is the first water crossing just after their first hill about  5 or so minutes into the race.  They cross twice and then up a hill again.  This race looks brutal, but it gets worse from here.

Here she is as she is heading toward the "mud pits".  She already looks tired, yet there is much work ahead. Apparently, if it is not rained enough, they will water the hills going to and from the river to muddy them up.  By the time they hit the river, it is so muddy that you can't even tell it is a river.  It is just muddy. 

Some came out mud head to toe.   Luckily we have a conservative child and she is rather clean.  Though this is the messiest I have seen any of my children to day.  At least until next year when she runs Trask again.

Come back later for some video footage.  I haven't seen it yet and the race was a week and a half ago.


Open race

Monday, September 20, 2010

Look how happy looks before this race. He just loves to run.  He has been running our neighborhood.  3 miles in 21 minutes.  I wished I was that fast.  This was the first time they held an open race here.  The turn out was small.

Here is the final stretch.  He was hoping to do the race in the 11ish time frame, but  today just wasn't his day, but at least he finished the race and I will post tonight or tomorrow  his daughter's time from her JV race that was a  few minutes later after the open race.  They both still raced faster than I can do it, so hurray for them.


Some one went to their first stake dance

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Miss A had a great time going to her first stake dance with a group and girls from school. I think they all had a good time. It is hanging with this group that made the night great. Her response after the dance was, "It was better than I thought it would be." She was not looking forward to it in the beginning, but knew others enjoyed going, so she gave it a try.
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What do you mean read under the Big "E"?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

On the first week of school, Little A. said sometimes things look blurry, as the reason she was holding her book so close to her face.  I had noticed for some time that she miss reads little words like as, an, and, the,  they, then.  Yet her reading level has been increasing at the same pace as the rest of her class, despite those some times errors.  When I point out to slow down and read ____ word correctly, she can always get it right, so I did not connect it to vision, but instead to just not paying close attention. 

Any way we had an eye doctor appointment yesterday. They first tested her right side.  It was no where close to 20/20.  However,  nothing could have prepared me for the shock when they tried to get her to read the letters at the same level on her left eye.  They would say, "What letters can you read?"
Her reply, " Nothing." This repeated several times.
They would ask,  "Are you sure you can't read anything on this line?" 
She would reply, " Nothing." 
Finally, they moved it up to the second line from the top, "Can you read anything here?"
" I think that one of them is an "O" ", she said as I clearly saw it was a "D".
"Can  you see the other letter?"
"Alright how about this top letter", as they point to the Big letter E at the top.  

Not the same chart, but similar.

After two techs, a computer, and the doctor who also had a third tech help him all gave her full exams, we were told she is 20/60 in the right eye and 20/400 in the left eye.   The doctor order glasses that will increase her vision in each eye one level, so with glasses she would be at best 20/50 in her right eye and the left eye would be able to only read the second row on the reading chart.    Meanwhile we will get to do eye patches  2-3 hours a day on the better eye to hopefully help the left eye not be so weak.    The doctors said that this is more correctable in younger children and that they used to not treat it after age 6, but have found some kids still respond after age 6, we will need to give it a try for a while.    Meanwhile, we will be regulars at the eye doctor every six weeks or so while she is wearing the patch and they are monitoring whether there is improvement or not. 

 Lastly, he also told me she has astigmatism in  both eyes, in  addition to being very farsighted.  I think my eyes began to glaze over from shock after this point.  So I will have many questions for our next visit in 6 weeks, which will be another full eye exam. 

All I can say is Little A is a trooper.  No complaint, just doing the best she could with a pair of eyes that each have  minds of their own.  I am  rather surprised that we and those around us did not notice sooner.  I am grateful she has done well in school regardless.  She is truly a strong little girl.