Miss A takes on Trask Mountain Race 2 on 9/11/2010

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Those of you who are familiar with X-country, there are some races that are extreme races.  This one was.  Through water, mud, and steep drop offs.  This is said to be her most difficult race of the season.  They get so messy that the coach doesn't have them in uniform.  Most often they pick up old clothes from Goodwill and wear odd things.  This year  we saw people run in the weirdest costumes.  Fairy wings and tutus, prom dresses, warrior and armor wear and so on.  The Miss A's Girls team wear ties and all but Miss A wore cut off dress shirts with the words "We mean business" written on the back.   So that is why she is running with a tie.
Here is the first water crossing just after their first hill about  5 or so minutes into the race.  They cross twice and then up a hill again.  This race looks brutal, but it gets worse from here.

Here she is as she is heading toward the "mud pits".  She already looks tired, yet there is much work ahead. Apparently, if it is not rained enough, they will water the hills going to and from the river to muddy them up.  By the time they hit the river, it is so muddy that you can't even tell it is a river.  It is just muddy. 

Some came out mud head to toe.   Luckily we have a conservative child and she is rather clean.  Though this is the messiest I have seen any of my children to day.  At least until next year when she runs Trask again.

Come back later for some video footage.  I haven't seen it yet and the race was a week and a half ago.


Alli September 23, 2010 at 12:45 PM  

whoa! That looks harsh - kudos to her for getting through it alive!