Boneless skinless chicken breast $1.48 / lb in Oregon, Washington, & Idaho

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

This message is for those interested in stocking up on boneless skinless chicken breast.

I have never used this company before,  but have seen a great buzz online from  a couple of my fugal blogs about it.  I am planning to order some.  This is a company that delivers fresh chicken every four months to sites in Oregon, Idaho, and Washington. 

So on Nov 8th is the Salem drop off day for the chicken. The cost is $1.48 a pound for fresh (never been frozen)  boneless chicken breast.   They come in 40 lb boxes. The chicken in each box is in four 10 lb bags. Each box is about 54 ck breast.    Each box cost $59.20. People have to freeze desired amounts in freezer bags.   Hope this helps. 

Here is the web site for those who want to buy or look into it further:

I will also include a link to a site that has more info:

I have two other blogs links if there is anyone interested, just let me know.