If you wake me up again...

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Today in preschool, Mr. M learned about frogs.  So tonight he took a bath and was sent to dress himself in PJs.  When later checked upon about 15 minutes later to see if he was dressed, he was already in bed asleep. So dad peeked to make sure he was dressed, well you guessed it he wasn't.  In the process of peeking he was awaken, which resulted in a grumpy boy for being disturbed.  He told his dad, "If you wake me up again, I'm going to rough you up!"

"What does rough you up mean?"
" It means I'm going to do karate on you."
Dad and him had a talk about not talking that way and we don't do those things either. Not sure where he learned that.  He has an amazing vocabulary that shocks me often. 

He then added, "When I am tired I make bad choice. " (all too true for all of us)

Then dad dressed him, which did not make him happy.  As he left we hear Mr. M yell, "Abracadabra, diggery do, I'm turning you into a frog.  And you don't know the secret password either."

Minutes later he was back asleep, but this is a reminder of our daily laughs and sometimes battle we get with him.  It's just so hard not to laugh when he is trying to be in charge.  We hear that Abracadabra thing often. I guess that is better than what he always said last year when he got angry, which was," You're going to Jail".

Comments like that make me really want to ask,"Where did this kid come from?"  The going to jail comment originated about an discussion that  I could go to jail if he did not sit in his car seat and that turned into everyone going to jail for anything if you don't listen to Mr. M.  Love this boy, love him lots, but I think he is going to be one to keep me on my toes daily. 

PS.  Miss A just woke him up again as she went off to bed.  He just let her know he is not happy.

PSS Here is how we just found him and luckily he didn't get woken too much as we moved him to a safer portion of his bed.


Julia Shinkle October 5, 2010 at 9:32 PM  

Cute! I love it...everyone will be quoting that for sure!

Rory Baxter October 6, 2010 at 12:02 AM  

Oh, the joys of having boys!
I had to laugh out loud, and be thankful that I am not the only one loving and shaking my head in confusion and wonder at our little ones called boys.
My boys can have me in hysterics - both laughing and crying.
Things they do and say that make me go "huh?" and wonder often where they pick things up, or how their brains interpret even the most basic and simple things and turn them all topsy turvy.
I have learned to just chalk most things up to "boy genes" - there is nothing else to explain it at times. Something that comes already built inside of them somehow, that is so extreme from girls it is like night and day.
I am glad to see/hear that you are staying calm and finding the humor in times like tonight. Often the only thing to do is laugh, try to teach good principles, and keep moving forward.
All of your kiddos are wonderful and sweet - just like their parents!
Thanx for always being such an amazing example to me and for sharing all the fun and adventures you are having. It is great to be able to stay up to date even if we dont see each other often!