Christmas Eve Surprise

Saturday, December 25, 2010

After cleaning the bathroom Christmas Eve morning. I was working in my room, when I heard this loud crash in my bathroom. No one was in there and I was not sure what happened. Nothing could have prepared me to see my shower door shattered. How did this happen? I thought to myself. The towel was not heavy and I found it intriguing how the glass broke. It shattered straight down. If the door had fallen out, glass would have gone even further, like falling onto my counter. Instead it all just dropped straight down. The top and bottom rails were still were they belonged. So how did this just happen?

After checking on replacement cost, I did an internet search since this was a big mystery to me. I found out that tempered glass has a weakness to it. It is safer than regular glass, but it can just explode for no apparent  reason. If it got even an invisible crack it, that could be enough to cause it to shatter. None the less, no one was in the bathroom when it happened and we got it all cleaned up. It took a few rounds to make sure there was not glass bits left. Goodwill took our good door, as we were wanting it out right away and we are now sporting a shower rod and curtain. Not the same, but it works for our budget. I am also not keen on spending another $300 on glass that might just explode again and next time maybe with some one in there next time, so I think I will stick to our new method for a while.

PS One of the articles says it is a rare occurrence that happens and you are more likely to to get hurt from falling off your toilet than have a serious injury with your shower doors braking. So, with such luck, I might have to Velcro everyone to the toilet just to avoid future injuries. Just kidding on the Velcro, but I am trying to figure our how one falls off, but that is for another day.