Family newsletter

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

1.         High school--That's right we are finally old enough to have a kid in high school.  I keep rechecking the math and am sure  she should be in 3rd grade not 9th, but everyone else disagrees.    Miss A has adjusted well to 6 am seminary (unlike her mother).  She has also maintained  her 4.0 GPA (so far)that she has had since middle school.    She has found ways to be on the good side of all her teacher too, which is of course never hurts. 
2.        Glasses- Little A and Mr. M are now sporting a cool pair of glasses.  Little A loves the new world she can see and wears them happily.  Mr. M. was borderline  on needing them  and  has yet to hold the  same appreciation as his sister.
3.        Botox- Yep,  we love Botox.  The FDA approved the use of it this year for treatment of those who have more than 15 days of headaches a month, which Shaun met that requirement twice.  It does not make him pain free, but  it makes  the severity  so much better.  No, he does not have any appearance differences either, if you were wondering.  He has been told he is a good  candidate it have a nerve stimulator implant (like a pace maker for  nerves) in the future when the Botox no longer works.   
4.        Cards- When  not running everyone around Denise tries to make cards.  She started it about a year ago and decide to make a blog to remember what she made, so she could repeat favorites.    She enjoys entering card challenges,  which means she is always making something new.
5.        Math & Spelling Whiz-  What can we say.  Each of our kids are so bright.  (We know it is a comment all parents say, and we hope they  all mean it.)  Each of our children seem  to find the area they can really excel at.  Little A has chosen math and spelling.  She pretty much  loves  practicing both.  We will be driving down the road and she will ask for a math problem.  I am impressed that a 2nd grader can add double and triple digits in her head. 
6.        Running - In May the stake women's church group announced they would be holding a triathlon in September.  Denise jumped in with both feet and started the whole family running (no one else would swim or bike). Miss A decided along with starting high school she would also try her hand at sports, she choose cross country running. She started running in late June and by the end of the summer the whole family joined in. A local running club held weekly races in August which the whole family was able to participate in. Miss A's cross country adventure hit some rough spots when she hurt both ankles but she pushed through to the end of the season (we are so proud of her for not giving up).  In September Denise entered her first Triathlon, she performed awesomely and had a fantastic finish (way to go Denise). In November, Shaun ran in his own race called "the first Annual running of the Turkey's" where he took first place and last place (you do the math) were hoping for a larger turn out next year.
7.         Painting - After 5 years we decided the house needed a little touchup in the paint department. With a little effort every room in the house (well almost) received a fresh coat of paint, with Denise doing the lion share of the painting. Along the way we decided the half bath and the laundry room could use a little work so with their fresh paint they got new flooring (wow what a difference it makes).
8.        Preschool - Mr. M last year was so disappointed everyone got to go to school except for him (I don't think we could have survived another year). Now he is 4 and loves going to preschool which Denise teaches on a rotating basis along with 5 other mom's. He loves every minute of it.
9.         Family campout - Last year we discovered a wonderful invention located at many of the state parks, "yurts". We tried one out last year and thought it was great, so this year we reserved a few for three nights and had a Gatherum family campout. The whole family ventured out of their comfort zone and traveled further south to the Coos Bay area, where there are some great state parks.  We loved the trip and have decided yurts are a great way to go camping.
10.        Well we wanted to think of 10 interesting things about us this last year, but really  we aren't that exciting, so  ten is that we love and appreciate all of you.  We hope your Christmas is filled with the love of Christ  and one another.   We miss you  and hope the new year is filled with much joy. 
Shaun, Denise and the kids