Who is the Queen?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Around the dinner table, we were checking to see what the kids learned at church. Since I teach CTR, I know what lesson the two younger get.  Mr. M told me one of the stories from his lesson and Little A told me another.  One of the stories as about a king whose son was taken from his home for a period of time.  People tried to get him to make bad choices.  Finally this boy was asked why he never would do the other bad things the others tried to get him to do.  His reply was that he was the son of a king and his father taught him to make good choices and that  he needed to do things that a king would do, so he would be ready to become a king.

In the lesson, the next part lead into that Heavenly Father is a king and we are each a prince or princess of his and that we need to make good choices to be like him.

I asked the kids, "Who is the King that we know?"

One answers, "The Holy Ghost?"


"Oh, Heavenly Father."

So  next Mr. M asks,  "Who is the queen?"
I figured this was too much doctrine for a four year old, so I said, " You will have to ask Heavenly Father."

 His reply, "How?'

"Prayer", I replied, more of an answer, because I didn't really think this would go any farther.

"How's that going to work?" he asked.

By now I am busting up laughing.  I guess he wanted a more concrete answer than prayer.  I just love each of my kids and life would be so boring with out them.  I did ask him later, "How do we talk to Heavenly Father?" He did say prayer, so at least I know that he gets prayer somewhat in  a four year old way.

I better not write any more, Mr. M has asked me at least 15 times while I was typing this, if he can read his scriptures.  You see the primary presidency gave them scripture charts and he is dying to read so he can mark one off. Make that at least 17 times he has asked now.


jrkaman January 9, 2011 at 8:18 PM  

I'm commenting on your blog so you feel special and important! Your kids are too adorable. I love reading all of the cute/fun stories about them!

Amanda Davis January 14, 2011 at 5:01 PM  

I don't think it would be to difficult for him to understand that he has a Heavenly Mother. I think it makes perfect sence to him, as it should. It isn't to early to teach doctrine... just my opinion though