Confessions of a busy mom

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

So last week was busy,  and well this week is really not any different.  Lucky (or unlucky) for me, Mr. M was not feeling well this morning.  So after four phone calls to change my plans, he tells me he is feeling better and can now go to preschool.  He loves school, so when he woke up all snotty and coughing this morning and then tells me he doesn't feel well and wants to not go to school I took him serious.

Anyway, the other moms are glad I kept Mr. Snotty nose home anyway.  First thing he asks is can we play a game?  No, I don't play games with sick people.  Rather gross for me. We can do other things that don't include exchanging cards with a new layer of germs each time.  We decide on something else.

After about an hour home.  Reality sits in.  My house is a mess.  Sweet husband washed the laundry of Friday. (He took the day off so I could be at school all day Friday and not have to get another sitter two days in a row).  The kids and I are thankful he was home, because otherwise they would have had to wear dirty laundry.  However, no one put it away.  Not even me, so I can't really complain.  It is just what it is.  Just six baskets of laundry stacked in my room.  By today the kids had dug to find clean clothes and I began to wonder what was now clean and dirty.   Clothes are wrinkled.  I would just start over, but I know chances are slim they would make it past the basket stage again with the way the rest of the week looks and there is still dirty laundry to be done.

So I think to myself,  just 15 minutes.  I set the timer and get to folding.  Timer goes off on just as I am starting the 5th basket.  Not bad, I think to myself as I set the rest of the laundry aside.  My commitment was to fold only 15 minutes.  Now15 minutes later again, I now have put away folded towels, Shaun's, mine and M. M's clothes.  15 minutes now to gather dirty clothes, sort and wash one load.  Today I should be able to do more than one load, but I really don't want to put it away. So today is just a two load day, because reality is I am not going to fold more than four more loads than I have already done.

 15 minutes now to clean my bathroom.  Didn't do the floors or the shower, but the sinks and toilet is shiny.

15 minute timer and now my room is pretty close to clean, except for the two loads of laundry waiting to be folded and the two baskets full of the girl's clothes  for them to put away and  a couple of other miscellaneous things to do another day.

I am thinking of what I need to do and should do the rest of the day, when I come and check my email.  What?  I have a meeting tonight.  I so forgot that one.  Okay, one more thing to get done.

Well I think my 15 minutes of blog time is over.  I didn't set the timer for that one.  Plus the laundry needs moved over and well it's time to do 15 minutes on the kitchen.....