From the mouth of babes...

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Yesterday was day two of the school Jog-a-thon,  Mr. M was sad he didn't get to go.  Our school does it class by class and we put tally marks on the kid's backs.  They run to three songs (yes 17 classes of  the same songs), and then walk a cool down lap.  So in the afternoon we had two kinder classes in a row.  Mr. M came to watch, but the PE teacher told him that he could run.  He watched the first group of kids, but by the next class he was ready to go.  He held his own by running 36 laps.  There were only 3 kid who ran in this class more than him  (37, 37, and 38 laps).   There were three other kinder classes, and I did not compare him to those ones. Way to go Mr.  M.  You are speedy. 

There was this one boy much taller in the class, who kept saying, " That little kid is really fast." 

This morning when he woke up and came down the stairs he said, " My legs hurt, I need a sleep number bed."

Got to love this boy.