Summer garden

Sunday, June 26, 2011

My mother and my father-in-law both are excellent gardeners.  They are amazing and can bring in bounties of fresh produce all summer long.  Shaun and I on the other hand somehow missed that genetic poll.  Neither of us are “master gardeners”.  In fact I think we are closer to the other side of the spectrum of “Master weed growers”.  None the less, we still try.  The season usually starts our well and ends with us abandoning ship as it turns rainy and cold.  Leaving a mess to clean up next year. One big over grown weedy mess.

However, this year, I can say I pleased for the most part on our garden’s progress.  Nothing to really brag about, but something that is good for us and our family.  For me being a  non-gardener and a person who doesn’t really like dirt, I can say I am happy to give myself a pat on my back for any success.

As you can see from the pictures,  we are mainly growing individual beds of plants.   It is less overwhelming for me to take care of and well that is half the battle.  Additionally, Shaun set up a drip system  (last year too) so we are only watering what we want  to grow.  I am a terrible waterier.  I think that is my biggest obstacle to gardening.   (Well that and patience)

Also to my surprise, we have kept up on weeding too.  Every week and half  or two, we spend 20 minutes weeding, while the weeds are still small.  As I took these pictures, I can see we will need to weed again this week ( Who keeps planting those annoyances?)

Hopefully we can end the season looking so wonderful, but time will tell.


Four types of potatoes- All Blue, Red, Russian Fingerlings, Ukon Golds. 


Peas and Red Onions


Trying to figure out if I planted Sugar Snap Peas or normal peas?  I really want to eat them now.


This bed was more of an after thought, when my mom gave me Raspberry plants for my birthday.  Also room for one zucchini as well.  One plant is plenty for our family.


Two tomato beds- all different varieties.   I have no idea why one is growing taller than the other bed.  Lets just pretend that one bed is a faster maturing group.  (plausible right?)  Also I think I planted them two close together.  The four plants in each bed look like one big bush.  Oh, well, better than having it take up the walkway, right?


Green beans and wax beans


Cucumbers- growing in stages.  Seems like they all come on at once and then they are done.  Hoping this spreads the season out a bit.


Lettuce and carrots.  Time to eat lots of lettuce.


I figure I have posted too many pictures, so the last three will be together.  They are the old garden area. 

Left is walla-walla onions, with some migrating lettuce.  Corn in the middle and peppers, cilantro and hopefully spinach  on the right.  This is a strange bed to use, since it is now under the apple tree.  (Wasn’t a problem when we first built the bed, but the tree has grown in the last 6 years a bit.)


Nothing better than great buns... homemade that is

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I usually am not the type who enjoys more than 1 or 2 home grilled burger a year.  They are greasy and often don’t sit too well.  I guess that is to be expected when they contain 22% fat.  That is until we tried this homemade bun recipe  and of course home ground and formed meat patties.  The meat was perfect.  Not too greasy and it held together perfectly while cooking.
Best part not only are they homemade buns and patties, but  we made the sauce and grew the lettuce.  The only thing that would have made this tastier would be home grown tomatoes.   Yum does not even describe how good this was.   Now we are trying to see how well the buns freeze for future use.   We shall see.
Our kids love to eat the buns just by themselves too.  They are really that good.  Hope you give homemade buns a try too.
I have 4 bun recipes to test that I stumbled upon recently.  So far, two are wonderful and I hope to test out the last two soon.


More Cookie Dough Goodness

Sunday, June 19, 2011


If you didn’t see the last post on the Cookie Dough Cupcakes, go back to them.  They are so pretty.  These Cookie Dough Truffles are not as pretty, since I was rushing to finish them before I needed to leave.  Tempering the chocolate took longer than I was expecting it to take.  None the less these taste great too.

Again this is another wonderful recipe from Annie’s Eats.  I love her blog and her pictures are great.    Here is the link to this recipe here.

I also made the box.  The lid has a acetate window._MG_3254.CR2





Cookie Dough Goodness

I recently saw a post for these yummy and super rich (like so rich you can’t possibly eat a whole one) Cookie Dough Cupcakes.  I just couldn’t wait to make them.  Best part yet, I now know how to make my own non-egg cookie dough.  Regular cookie dough doesn’t quite work right and I have been wondering how to make it for a while. 
Thanks to Annie's Eats for this  great cupcake recipe here.
Pictures taken by Shaun. 
Stay tune for Cookie Dough Truffles on the next post.  Yum!!!!


Father's are One of a Kind


Mr. M Wants to buy a house

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Today Mr. M and I were chatting about being picked on by his sister and with a total change of subject and all sincerity he ask me a couple  of questions.  I wished the camera was rolling, but by the second question I decided to grab the camera and got part of it. I think I will have to interview the sisters soon too.  However, I am pretty sure one of them will not let me, as she would be mortified if I were to blog about her. 


The Response-take 2

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Let’s try this video again and see if the second part is not sideways.  I am by far not a video guru, since I never upload any video,  but hopefully that will change soon.

Thank you Amanda for reminding me that it has been a while since I have posted anything on our blog.  Not that life has been uneventful.  It simply just has been going by on fast forward. 

Any way down to business.  I was told yesterday to check a friend’s blog.  She blogged her daughter’s conversation about a boy she wants to marry, who happens to be my sweet boy.

I watched it last night and thought I would record his reaction to seeing it for the first time.  Not as exciting as I had hoped.  My camera died partway through, but I spliced it together with a phone call between the two of them later.  Hope you enjoy.