Writing a paper for fighting

Monday, August 22, 2011

 Today I sent the two youngest to take a nap since they were fighting.   Little A did not want to take a nap, so I gave her the option to sleep, read or write a paper.   If she slept she could get up after the nap, or she could get up after she wrote a full page on why it is important to not fight and what she would do next time differently, or she could read in bed until dad got home (about 1 hour).    Mr. M napped and Little A wrote a paper until dad got home.  Here it is.  Spaces are to keep auto correct from correcting the spelling.

"You shold not fight with your siblys or you will have to be in bed till Dad gets home or wight a full page about when you should not fight with your sibi ling.  I learned this by fighting with my brother the is why I am wite ing this paper.  this paper is not that hard for me.  that is why I am willing to Do it.  the resin  why I want to Do this is I Do not wha nt to Read a Book till Dad gist home.  So I am wit ing  this paper.  I Do know I should not fight with my Bother. "

Interesting last word.  If she was a teenager I would have thought it was intentional.....


Kids speaks

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I love the little minds of a 5 or 6 year old.  In the last three days, I have heard daily something cute. Here they are for memory stake.

Cousin Ella was here for Little A's baptism.  The next day she went to church and sat by me.  The first testimony was by our Bishop. He said that this was the true church.  Without missing a beat, Ella turned to me and said, "Every church I go to says they are the true church.  I don't know which is the true church,  I am so confused."
I waited a moment and then told her, that my church is the The Church of Jesus Christ and Her church is the Church of Jesus Christ and that we both belong to the same church. 
She looks at me and pauses and then says, "We do?   But my church is white."

Later I invited her to attend my son's primary class.  She asked is it a class for 5 and 6 year olds? 
No, just 5 year olds, but you can go too even though you are six.  
"That's ok,  I can make friends on my own."

Mr.  M, was cuddling with me and we turned on the tv for a couple minutes.  A lady was asking a doctor, how to lose the baby fat from pregnancy.  She said her baby was now 19 months old and she still has not been able to lose the baby weight.
Mr M. turns to me and ask: " Mom have you lost your  baby fat yet?"
"What do you think?"
"Why do you think that?"
"Because you still have a big tummy.  Not at all like mine, A...,  or A.. or daddy's." 
Thank you son!!!

Now today,  I am suppose be getting ready to take Little A for her quarterly eye appointment.  I am getting ready to leave and Miss A walks in to tell me her brother is threatening to  call 911 and report a teenager in a pink shirt has broken in to our house.    I run to check on him and low and behold he is dialing  119.  I figure we will let him think that is correct right now, while he is thinking about prank calling.

I pull him aside away from the girls and inform him that is not nice to do to his sister.  I told him, that making a call like that could get her in trouble or he could get in trouble.  I then told him, "you don't want Miss A to go to jail do you? Also you could go to jail if you call that number for something that is not a true emerg____. "

Before I can finish the sentence, he informs me, " kids can't go to jail, just grown ups and teenagers".  He repeats that again and then tells me that they can't do anything to him, just teenagers.  
Lets just say I had to agree with him about the jail part, but we did talk longer about  how he could still get in trouble.  I am not sure he believed me.

He is quick thinking and somehow, I am going to have to keep up with this boy.