Writing a paper for fighting

Monday, August 22, 2011

 Today I sent the two youngest to take a nap since they were fighting.   Little A did not want to take a nap, so I gave her the option to sleep, read or write a paper.   If she slept she could get up after the nap, or she could get up after she wrote a full page on why it is important to not fight and what she would do next time differently, or she could read in bed until dad got home (about 1 hour).    Mr. M napped and Little A wrote a paper until dad got home.  Here it is.  Spaces are to keep auto correct from correcting the spelling.

"You shold not fight with your siblys or you will have to be in bed till Dad gets home or wight a full page about when you should not fight with your sibi ling.  I learned this by fighting with my brother the is why I am wite ing this paper.  this paper is not that hard for me.  that is why I am willing to Do it.  the resin  why I want to Do this is I Do not wha nt to Read a Book till Dad gist home.  So I am wit ing  this paper.  I Do know I should not fight with my Bother. "

Interesting last word.  If she was a teenager I would have thought it was intentional.....