Mint Chocolate cupcakes

Thursday, October 20, 2011

So when you find a great recipe for a cupcake, you just want to share it with others, so why not use a cute box.
Yum, yum  this was so tasty and pretty too.  I got the recipe from a Annie's Eats.  I love her recipes and really wish she lived next door to me.  Her recipes are really amazing and this mint chocolate cupcake was not exception. 


The things kids say

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

This last week has been crazy busy.  Additionally, this last week has also been  full of kid expenses everywhere.  Schoool pictures  $28 each, soccer pictures $9,  HS fundraiser $25,  Best of EFY $10, Jog-a-thon for 2 kids (haven't contributed  yet ?  not sure how much yet), kindergarten field trip $5,  the two youngers came home with book orders and a wish list.   In addition,  we have gotten a boat load of medical bill for the kids    (An all night ER bill (ouch) for Little A from this summer, and cat scan bill for the older one).   Oh,  bosses week at Shaun's work  and of course it is required to show support and go out to lunch as a group and contribute to a group present.   It just seems like a hand is out in every direction lately.   Most are small expenses, but sure add up.  

Every day  Mr.  M asks if I will fill out his field trip form.   I have told him, "Not yet, I don't have the money yet. "  Meaning,  I have not ran to the bank and pulled it out .  I just haven't had time to sit down and let my fingers figure out on the computer all the numbers, before I run to the bank.  It is not that I can't pay it, but I just want to run all those number to make sure all is accounted for.

Any way, yesterday  Mr.  M came home from school and informed me "The teacher said you don't have to pay for the field trip."  I asked him if she said that to the class or just him.  He said to just him.  Then I asked what he said to the teacher.  He said,  " I told the teacher my mom doesn't have enough money for the field trip and that is when she said that you don't have to pay for it."    

Which now explains why he leaned over to me a couple of weeks ago and asked me in all seriousness, "Did you pay for our house this month?"  I laughed, because when have I missed a payment on our house. This is not even a discussion in our house.  It just gets paid.    I assured him that yes indeed I paid it.   It seems funny that  he seems to be the only child in this house that worries over things like this.  He asked me six months ago how he would be able to buy a house when he was older.   He was really worried about it too.  My heart goes out to  him if he is thinking these big things at 4 and 5 years old.  He deserves to only worry about which of his cars he is going to play with today  or if he should chose paper in the rock, paper scissors game, not grown up topics.    


Friday, October 14, 2011

Wished I could make a video like this with my boy.  He is funny enough when the camera is off to do this. I just love watching kids like this.


Reflection of growing up

So after sleeping on all the info we received at last nights fireside, the sudden realization has come in two areas.

1.  My baby is growing up.  This week at school she was required to take the PSAT.  Last night she was told to take her SAT and ACT by next school year.   I knew that, but mentally  it just still seemed years away.
2.  They only get more expensive as they grow.  They say ages newborn and age 5 are some of the more expensive years.   I beg to disagree.  No crib, carseat or stroller is anywhere near the cost to raise a high schooler.     College is less than 3 years away and well lets just say we will be living on about half our income when you factor housing, schooling and other needs.  Now is the time to make sure we have a great, not just good food storage, because we will be living on it in three years.

Okay, so a little mental math and it is not half our income, but it is more than we pay in a house payment, so I am a little nervous.   We would like to pay all of her schooling, but both her dad and I had no family help  with college.  Student loans were our reality.  A reality we are still paying on for Shaun.    It very will may be her reality, but if we can get her through the first year without having to take a loan,  it will be that much better for her later.   She has a sensible head and I know she will be more frugal than most kids her age, so I do have faith she will figure it all out.   Just as it worked out for me, it will work out for her too.


Fireside motivation

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tonight I took my oldest daughter to a "Be Smart" Fireside.  We heard information about four colleges.  BYU-Hawaii,  BYU- Idaho,  LDS Business College and of course BYU.   It was all very interesting, each speaker ended with a video clip about their school.   At the end, a man spoke about institute of Religion classes and how he didn't care what school the kids went to or what their reason was for going to a certain school, because there would be an institute class no matter what college then went to.  The important part was to take an institute class starting the day after high school.     After he was done, here is the video clip he showed.  Way too funny.  

If you liked that last clip,  there is a Franc 2 also.  It was too funny.


Small Moments of Truth

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

This morning while trying to do a few things before the kids were to come home, there was a knock on the door.  The sweet woman introduced herself and offered me a religious pamphlet on raising children.  One thing she showed me was that they brake raising children into 3 stages.    After I decline her pamphlet  (more because I knew if I took it she would be back again and again), I thought to myself, how lucky I feel to have the Gospel of Jesus Christ.   How lucky to have the manual " Teaching No Greater Call" that not only breaks down for us the characteristics of children, but does it in a small increments of 1 or 2 years.  I can go at any time and see,  "Yes,  my kids are normal", when I am struggling with  a certain issue.  I can even be thankful when I see that they have not hit every hard milestone listed.  It helps me to know what I can do to correct problems whether they are with children at church or in my own home.

I can be thankful that we have prophets and their words of counsel to help me be better and to know what is important to teach my children.  Internet talks and boundless resources online, both religious and secular.

I have the Book of Mormon, which has so much parenting wisdom.  Though I am far from a perfect parent,  I do have kids who are loving and patient with me.  I do have so many resources that I can not help but to be grateful.

I admire that sweet woman for knocking at my door.  We live in a world that needs parenting help.   We all can be better parents.  My hope is to raise my kids the best I can.  To raise the bar for myself of what a good mother is.  To raise kids who then become even better parents than I was.  To have grandkids who are better parents than their parents and so on.

And someday be able to share with a mother in need the great joy and lessons of parenting the gospel brings.