Reflection of growing up

Friday, October 14, 2011

So after sleeping on all the info we received at last nights fireside, the sudden realization has come in two areas.

1.  My baby is growing up.  This week at school she was required to take the PSAT.  Last night she was told to take her SAT and ACT by next school year.   I knew that, but mentally  it just still seemed years away.
2.  They only get more expensive as they grow.  They say ages newborn and age 5 are some of the more expensive years.   I beg to disagree.  No crib, carseat or stroller is anywhere near the cost to raise a high schooler.     College is less than 3 years away and well lets just say we will be living on about half our income when you factor housing, schooling and other needs.  Now is the time to make sure we have a great, not just good food storage, because we will be living on it in three years.

Okay, so a little mental math and it is not half our income, but it is more than we pay in a house payment, so I am a little nervous.   We would like to pay all of her schooling, but both her dad and I had no family help  with college.  Student loans were our reality.  A reality we are still paying on for Shaun.    It very will may be her reality, but if we can get her through the first year without having to take a loan,  it will be that much better for her later.   She has a sensible head and I know she will be more frugal than most kids her age, so I do have faith she will figure it all out.   Just as it worked out for me, it will work out for her too.


jrkaman October 15, 2011 at 9:05 PM  

Don't stress too much! If she does has to take a student loan than a BYU school is your best choice cost wise. You could also have her do half student loan and you pay half and then it shouldn't be as bad. I promise. Things work out! If she needs any info on BYUH or BYUI just let me know! :)