Small Moments of Truth

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

This morning while trying to do a few things before the kids were to come home, there was a knock on the door.  The sweet woman introduced herself and offered me a religious pamphlet on raising children.  One thing she showed me was that they brake raising children into 3 stages.    After I decline her pamphlet  (more because I knew if I took it she would be back again and again), I thought to myself, how lucky I feel to have the Gospel of Jesus Christ.   How lucky to have the manual " Teaching No Greater Call" that not only breaks down for us the characteristics of children, but does it in a small increments of 1 or 2 years.  I can go at any time and see,  "Yes,  my kids are normal", when I am struggling with  a certain issue.  I can even be thankful when I see that they have not hit every hard milestone listed.  It helps me to know what I can do to correct problems whether they are with children at church or in my own home.

I can be thankful that we have prophets and their words of counsel to help me be better and to know what is important to teach my children.  Internet talks and boundless resources online, both religious and secular.

I have the Book of Mormon, which has so much parenting wisdom.  Though I am far from a perfect parent,  I do have kids who are loving and patient with me.  I do have so many resources that I can not help but to be grateful.

I admire that sweet woman for knocking at my door.  We live in a world that needs parenting help.   We all can be better parents.  My hope is to raise my kids the best I can.  To raise the bar for myself of what a good mother is.  To raise kids who then become even better parents than I was.  To have grandkids who are better parents than their parents and so on.

And someday be able to share with a mother in need the great joy and lessons of parenting the gospel brings.