Merry Christmas Everyone

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Honestly,  I completely lack computer skills.
You would think I could do anything,
just because I am married to a man who does
amazing things with the computer. Instead I find
myself with high expectations and less than desired
results with my ability.    Here is the newsletter I wrote.  
Too bad you can't click on  it to enlarge it to read.  
I am sure Shaun could fix this, but in matters of priorities,
this is not going to make the list, so I either not post it or I
can just be creative with my frustrations.
So I will just cut and paste most of it.

We hope this last year has been good to 
your families and you. 
We are thankful for each of you who have 
touched our lives, one way or another. 
May this next year be wonderful for each 
and every one of you.

Mr. M turned five this summer and was so excited for
 kindergarten. His teacher says he is well behaved and 
on task at school. He is friendly and helps others. He 
also started soccer this year. It was neat to watch him 
play and see the game begin to click inside his head. 
One week he learned the art of stealing the ball and 
roceeded to take the ball from everyone, including 
his teammates. Luckily, we fixed that issue and all 
seemed to have a great time anyway. Matthew is also 
a avid learner. He comes home and WANTS to do 
homework. It is not unusual to see him trying to read 
a book well beyond his ability. To him nothing is 
impossible and so I watch and am always amazed.

Little A. is now in 3rd grade and loving it. Math 
and science are some of her favorite subjects at 
school. She keeps herself busy with piano lessons 
from Grandma, activity days with church, and 
running around with mom to everyone else’s 
activities. She is also hoping to start violin in 
January. She loves to help everyone at home. 
Whatever hobby someone is doing, there you 
will find Abigail. Whether it is soccer, running, 
crafting, yard work, or cooking, she is always 
willing to help out.

Miss A. is in 10th grade this year and did 
cross-country for the second year in a row and 
tennis last spring. She is also helping her dad 
and coach create their own off road cross country 
course. We have found she can clear blackberries 
with great determination. She loves to craft and 
has pretty much taken over her mother’s crafting 
supplies. She also this last fall developed her own 
line of craft stamps. Check her out at Aside from her crazy 
busy life, she is always willing to lend a hand and 
is a great help to her family. 

Shaun - not too much has changed with him. He 
takes each day as it comes. Some days are hard 
on him pain wise, others somewhat better. Even 
in pain, he has determined to not let it define him. 
He has taken up spearheading the running/walking 
path in our community. It is something our 
community and schools lack and he has dreamed 
of doing this for quite a while now. Thankfully he 
is recruiting volunteers for the labor and we hope 
all will be up and ready by summer.

Denise- as for me, I run people around, cook and 
clean. I am cheering on the sidelines. Trust me, I 
am plenty busy with all of the kids’ activities and 
yet I loving every minute of it. It seems the days 
are flying by and all too soon these wonderful children 
will be gone. For now, I am cherishing today 
(even the mountains of laundry that comes with 
these wonderful people I get to share my life with).

Quote at bottom  (good quote, but had a hard time copying it.)

“Christmas is what we make of it. Despite 
all the distractions, we can see to it that 
Christ is at the center of our celebration.” 
President Thomas S. Monson