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Friday, November 16, 2012

here are some quotes I wanted to make posters for, but haven't.  Instead of keeping a few notes on my desk to clutter it up.  I am posting them as is and maybe some day....

To simply know is not enough.

Testimony alone is not enough.  Bednar

It is after and during the difficult times that we learn the most.  Monson

I am too blessed to be stressed,
and too anointed to be disappointed.

What we believe
what we say
and what we do
should all be the same.

Satan can never have a family and he wants yours.   Ann Dibbs

Don't let your yesterdays hold your tomorrow hostage.  Maxwell

If you almost obey the rules, you almost receive the blessings.

Missionaries of the day must be taught in the family.  Cook

I'm a mormon.  I know it.  I live it and I love it. Dibbs

We can not take for granted one single day.

We should not be like the boy who dips his toe in the water and claims he has gone swimming.  Eyring

First observe and then serve.

This is not always convienent and does not always happen to fit our timetables.   Linda Burton


Heavenly Father has a picture of you on his dresser.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

This is probably one of my favorite quotes, so despite the fact I made a picture of it a couple months ago, I decided to do another one (which I think turned out way better.)

"Heavenly Father has a picture of you on his dresser. He loves you and will help you. Call upon him."
  - Thomas S. Monson


General Conference quote by Ann Dibb

Sunday, October 7, 2012

General Conference is now over and there are many quotes and stories that stood out.  It was amazing to watch as the prophet stood before everyone on Saturday morning and announced the change in age for missionaries to  18 for boys and 19 for girls.  I rejoiced at that news and yet my mind just could not not believe that in less than three years, we may be saying good bye to our oldest.  Will she choose to serve a mission? That is not for me to decide, but I will say that it would not surprise if she did.  She is a valiant girl and I can see what a great opportunity that could be for her.

The third speaker was Sister Ann Dibb.   She spoke of a young girl she met in a check out line of a store.  She wore a shirt that said, " I'm a Mormon.  Are you?"  She spoke on the confidence of this girl to share who she was and what she believe.  She later reflected on what she would want on her shirt, if she had one and this is what she came up with:

I'm a Mormon,
I know it.
I live it.
and I love it.


Learning something new

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Recently,  I decided to take a Photoshop class.  As my husband puts it, "it doesn't come naturally for me, like other members of our family."    In deed he is correct (gulp- as it is hard to admit).  It takes me hours to do what others do in a few minutes.   None the less, I am still much better than I was 5 months ago, which then I only open and close the program.  

This is what I did for my final.  I still don't know what I got in the class, but will hopefully find out toward the end of this week. 

I will also show another project I did.  It was the lesson on using brushes.  I was only allowed to use Photoshop brushes on this project.  Each project when it was assigned made be really nervous, but I was finally able to come up with something for each one.  The other assignments are okay.  These are my two favorites, so I thought I would share them.


You can't be wrong doing right quote

Monday, July 16, 2012

 I  am still working slowly, but surely to find a great quote for each of the conference talks.  This is more of a personal goal for me to find ways to incorporate the gospel more solidly in my heart and mind.  Yet is it fun to see the visual and remember a part of the talk that otherwise would be quickly forgotten. 

So this quote is taken from the talk, "Abide in the Lord's Territory", by Ulisses Soares.

My most memorable quote was actually quoted by President Monson.  It was just too good to not use as the quote for this talk.

"You can't be right by doing wrong; you can't be wrong b y doing right."


kid quotes

Sunday, June 24, 2012

While sitting at  dinner tonight,  this is what popped out of one of our kid's mouths.  Shaun and Miss A.  stared at each other and said that is quotable and so this is what Miss A came up with.   She even drew her own veggies to go along with it. 


If you don't have time to... quote

I saw a hand written quote on pinterest.  It struck a cord with me, because I have learned that when I tend to over schedule myself or have my priorities out of balance, then this quote is all too true.  I don't think I am alone  in this, but I really like the quote and and brings things back into perspective.  

If you don't have time to pray and read your scriptures, you are busier than God ever intended you to be.


Haleck quote on potential

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Miss A came up with the quote from April's Sunday afternoon general conference.  This quote came from Elder O. Vincent  Haleck's talk " Having the vision to do".

Just as the Savior saw great potential in His early disciples, He also sees the same in us. Let us see ourselves as the Savior sees us.  Elder O. Vincent Haleck


Quote from YW Portland Fireside

Yesterday the YW went to one building to hear the broadcast of Sister Dibb speak to the Portland and surround area young women.  The mothers and other women met in another building a few miles away to hear the broadcast for the relief society.  However our broadcast ended up not working and after a short time we were changed over to the YW one to listen it.    It was wonderful and I am glad I got to see/ hear it.

Here is a quote that was said there.   Sister Dibb was quoting Sister Elaine Dalton, when she challenged the girls to be 100% PROS.

Pray daily
Read scriptures 5 minutes a day
Obey the commandments
Smile- Just smile every day.


Another Pres. Monson quote

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

This quote is from Sunday morning session of conference.  It is called the race of  life.  This is a quote I need to remember when I get discouraged.  Thank you Pres. Monson for such uplifting and positive thoughts and quotes.

We have been provided divine attributes... with the power to think, to reason and to achieve.


Primary lesson quotes

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Both Shaun and I taught primary today.  Same lesson, but different classes.    Here are two handouts for class.  The first I made, the last two he made. 

If you haven't guessed this is turning into a little hobby for us.


Monson quotes, from YW General broadcast

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Here are two more that Miss A made today.  Both are from President Monson's YW broadcast talk called, " Believe, Obey, and Endure".

This first picture was taken yesterday while we were at the coast .  This quote was quoted in his talk, though it was originally by Julie de Azevedo Hanks, in referrence to her testimony, she wrote:
Through the winds of change
Encircled by the clouds of pain
I guard it with my life
I need the warmth—I need the light
Though the storm will rage
I stand against the pounding rain
I remain
A keeper of the flame.

Now I am not sure why she used the grassy hill in this quote, but I am sure there is a great reason. None the less, the message is one we should always remember.

"Wonderful, glorious things are in store for you if you will only believe, obey, and endure."


We are truly sons and daughters, by Robert D. Hales

Throughout our lives, whether in times of darkness, challenge, sorrow, or sin, we may feel the Holy Ghost reminding us that we are truly sons and daughters of a caring Heavenly Father.  By Robert D. Hales


No second class citizens, by David S. Baxter

Friday, May 25, 2012

"In the kingdom of God there are no second-class citizens."  This quote by David S. Baxter was given in April 2012 General conference directed to single parents.  It was touching to hear him speak so kind and loving to single parents.  This quote stuck with me, because I remember a time in my teenage years when that is exactly what I thought of myself.  I thought that since I was not born with the gospel of Jesus Christ  and that since I was being raised by a single mother that I was less than those who were born in the gospel and raised with two parent.  The analogy I used to think to myself was in reference to stamps that you mail.   "There are first class stamps  and then there are second class stamp."  Somehow I thought I was the latter one.  It would break my hear to hear someone think that way of themselves, and so now I understand a bit more what Heavenly Father must of felt when he knew I was thinking that.  


Twig of Faith, by Eyring

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

One more quote from Saturday morning.

Acting on even a twig of faith,
allows God to grow it.
                    Henry B. Erying


Scripture Power sign

Collage of the words the a primary song, "Scripture Power".


Mountains to Climb, by Pres. Eyring

I have to say that I love the talk by President Henry B. Eyring, " Mountains to Climb".  I love it for a few reasons.  I feel as I listen to him that God truly does know the mountains I have had to climb.  Yet I am fearful for the ones ahead of me.  In fact I would love to avoid them.  So when I heard Pres. Eyring tell us that before we should ask for mountains to climb we need to be prepared with a foundation of faith and then he said,  " One of the keys to an enduring faith is to judge correctly the curing time required. That is why I was unwise to pray so soon in my life for higher mountains to climb and greater tests."   Thank you Pres. Eyring for letting me know that it is okay to not feel ready for greater challenges. 

I have seen Pres. Kimball's quote "Give me this mountain, give me this challenge" quoted often, but now feel the words by President Eyring should immediately follow.  We need to be sure we have an enduring foundation of faith in order to succeed with the higher mountains to climb.    For me that is a rather scary thought.  I look back at what I have been through in life from birth to now.    Some were good challenges, some I really could have done without.  Yet they all made me stronger (yet more stubborn too).  I now can look back on all most all the challenges and feel the blessings of them,  yet I fear for more growth.  And fear is the opposite of faith, and I think that is the part the scares me the most.  Will I be ready, when my Master wants me to take a new climb and what will my attitude be toward that challenge?

At the end of his talk he told the following story: " One of the speakers at her  (his mother's) funeral was President Spencer W. Kimball. Among the tributes he paid, I remember one that went something like this: “Some of you may have thought that Mildred suffered so long and so much because of something she had done wrong that required the trials.” He then said, “No, it was that God just wanted her to be polished a little more.” I remember at the time thinking, “If a woman that good needed that much polishing, what is ahead for me?”


Eternal blessing quote by Oaks

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"Those who understand the eternal blessings which come from the temple know that no sacrifice is too great,  no price  too heavy, no struggle to difficult in  order to receive those blessings."  Elder Dallin H. Oaks quoting President Thomas S. Monson in Saturday morning General Conference



A talk by Dallin H. Oaks on Saturday morning really brings into perspective that the service we are asked to give (though it seems big to us) is a small sacrifice in comparison to what Christ has done for us.

Knowing what my Savior did for me... I feel privileged to make the small sacrifice I am asked to make in His Service.  Dallin H. Oaks


His concern is for the faith at wich you finally arrive by Holland

Monday, May 21, 2012

Can you hear a more comforting quote?  "His concern is for the faith at which you finally arrive, not the hour of the day in which you got there."  This quote came from April 2012 talk by Jeffrey R. Holland.   This was also made by Miss A.  I hope you saw the other one she made from this same talk.  She is a talented girl and I love all these quotes everyone is helping me put together.


A part of this is a quote I saw on Pintrest.  I googled it  to see  if the author was in indeed President Monson. Yes, indeed it was.  I remember this talk from 2002 well.   It inspired Miss A to make the first one and Shaun made the second one.  Both are incredible.

 Heavenly Father has a picture of you on His dresser.  He loves you and will help you.  Call upon Him.  President Thomas S. Monson  April 2002

Let's not pass to future generations the grievances, the anger of our time.  Let's remove any hidden wedges that can do nothing but destroy.  President Thomas S. Monson  April 2002


Life by the yard is hard, by the inch it's a cinch, by Monson

Both Miss A and I made copies of this same quote after President Monson spoke it at the General YW broadcast.   We just envisioned it differently.  They both are wonderful in their own way. 

Seek heavenly guidance one day at a time.  Life by the yard is hard, by the inch, it's a cinch.  President Thomas S. Monson


Learning by faith will give you confidence, by Mary Cook

Miss A took this picture one year at girls camp. The quote came from the General YW Broadcast at the end of March 2012.  Mary N. Cook said, " Learning by faith will give you confidence and will help you navigate through times of uncertainty."  What a comforting thought.  As a teenager I know my daughter has much concern of what life will bring has she daily nears the end of her high school years.    Even though she still has a couple more years of school left she still worries about the unknown.  (driving, dating, when to get her P. blessing, college, and simply what it will be like to be a grown up)  I know she will be fine, but it is the uncertainty that I think causing the worry for her and this quote is perfect to reassure that all will be well.


Why should you be jealous because I choose to be kind? Quote by Jeffery R Holland

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Here is another one Miss A did today from another  great conference address.

This one was by Elder Jeffery R Holland, entitled "Laborers in the Vineyard".   He told a story in the scriptures of varies of laborers who were invited to work.  As the day went on more laborers were added at different time.  At the end of the day all were paid the same wage.  He went on to explain, that another's success does not take away from our own.  

He gave this quote that I loved, but honestly who wants a sign that says this: "Envy requires us to suffer all good fortune that befalls everyone we know! What a bright prospect that is—downing another quart of pickle juice every time anyone around you has a happy moment!"

Pickle juice--- what an vivid analogy.  Love it.  I also love this one which was more fitting for a sign,  "Why should you be jealous because I choose to be kind?" 


Forget Me Not

We are still working to complete quotes from April 2012 Conference, but I thought I would show one Miss A did from the RS conference six months ago.  I just love it.  It is called "Forget Me Not", by Pres.  Dieter Uchtdorf

He reminded us just as the forget me not flower has five petals, there are five things we should not forget.  They are:
1. Forget not to be patient with yourself.
2. Forget not to know a good sacrifice.
3. Forget not to be happy now.
4. Forget not the "why" of the gospel.
5. Forget not that the Lord loves you.


Pretty Darn Funny

Monday, April 30, 2012

Recently while reading the Deseret Book  flyer in the mail.  I saw something that intrigued me.  Songs from "Pretty Darn Funny".  Since I was recently looking at Parody songs, I felt this may be up my alley of things to check out.  To my surprise Deseret Book has released a series of online mommy comedy cast videos producing clean and short entertainment clips.  These clips are all under 10 minutes each and have the feel of a sit com tv show, without all the garbage that they seem to bring.  They are funny and clean and well done.   I will have to say we found this site last week and we were excited to hear they were to release episode three tonight.  Sadly the release has been delayed to next week.  Until then hope you enjoy the first two episodes.

Episode One

Episode Two


Conference quote by Donald Hallstrom

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Donald Hallstrom in April 2012 Conference gave a thought provoking quote.  He said, "Some have come to think of activity in the Church as the ultimate goal. There in lies a danger.  It is possible to be active in the Church and less active in the Gospel.... Activity in the Church is a desirable goal but it is insufficient... We need the Gospel and the Church."

Design by SG


Conference quote by Cheryl Esplin

Cheryl Esplin of the General Primary presidency spoke in April 2012 General conference .  Here is one her quotes that our family liked.   "In every teaching situation all learning and all understanding are best nurtured in an atmosphere of warmth and love where the Spirit is present."

Design by SG


Boyd K. Packer quotes General Conference 2012

There were two quotes that stood out to me in President Boyd K. Packer's April 2012 General Conference address.

"life was never meant to be either easy or fair"


"Family time is sacred time and should be protected and respected."
 Both were done by DG.   (Okay  I had a bit of help on the second one from both my husband and daughter).  Now if only I can remember all they showed me.    I even drew that house.


Monson quote Saturday Morning April 2012

In the opening session of Saturday morning of General Conference April 2012, President Thomas S. Monson said, " Our Heavenly Father is mindful of each of us and our needs."  What a much need thing to hear the prophet reaffirm to me.

Design by SG


Conference Quote from Elder Paul Koelliker

 The feeling of love from our Heavenly Father is like a gravitational pull from heaven.  By Paul E Koelliker   General Conference April 2012 Saturday morning session

Photo taken and and quoted design by Miss A.  Isn't she talented?


A little note

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I came upon a little note,  written for a YW project early this year.  Each girl in our ward was given a secret grandma to leave notes and presents for.

Here is a note that accompanied a pair of white gloves:

To my secret Grandmother,

A pair of cute little gloves
to keep your hands warm with love.
I hope this white snow
helps you remember and know...
each snowflake is unique and pretty,
yet together they blanket the city.
Important and great is each flake,
and the difference they make.
This is true with you.
and the  difference you make in the sweet things you do.

Your secret granddaughter


Cello meets Star Wars

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Shaun's favorite music is cello music and apparently it gets better when mixed with some Star Wars.

The kids enjoyed this little movie too.  I am guessing we will be buying their music album, since Shaun loves this new found group.


Parody Song remakes

Monday, April 16, 2012

For FHE, we spent way too much time watching youtube as a family. I think we will have to have a Friday night watching all of BYU comedy shows. Mainly last night we watch parody song re-makes of popular songs. I posted one first about a my choice candidate for President. It was cute and to the song Love Story. However, there were a couple of digs at him that I did not support, so I decided it didn't belong on my blog.

So to replace it I thought I would put a couple videos on that we watched last night.  All are from  the BYU Divine Comedy group.  One was a songs below was recently sang (the original version) at a choir concert at school by my daughter's group and the other one just because...

Enjoy and know...... if I could make my own videos like these ( and sing for that matter) I would.  I look at the camera angles and clarity of music and long for that talent.  I will add that to my list of dreams to someday accomplish.    #197 future parody song producer

Click video to see all of it, if is is only showing half the screen on my blog.

Never played this game, but I had to laugh at how this is probably very true to some out there.

The other is the Good version of the song Bad.


Life by the yard is hard, by the inch it's a cinch.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

When I was a teenager, I loved good quotes.  In fact, while some my age hung posters of movie stars and singers on their walls.  I hung up probably every handout I received from church.  I loved every quote I got.  I still have some to this day.  Most were hand written by one of my YW leaders and really not that impressive, but the message they carried to me was important and so I clung to that small piece of goodness.   They probably thought these hand outs would be lost or thrown away within a week of church, but 20 something years later I still have a few of them. 

Now I have a teenager and suddenly my memory of quotes is suddenly important to me.  Two weeks ago, I was able to hear the General Young Women broadcast.  One quote struck an accord like no other and reminded me of my days as a youth.  This is one quote I would have put on my wall as a youth.

Here is the funny part.  I just don't have a computer brain.  Every since my husband move me to a mac,  I seem to spend less and less time on the computer. I get so frustrated with computers. My husband says all technology would annoy me and it is not my mac.  He  is right.  Some things I like about it, but it is the things I don't know how to fix or use drive me CRAZY!!!!!!  I used to think I was pretty good with computers, but the last year I have felt years behind on technology.

One thing I wish I could do is photoshop.  I don't want to edit pictures.  I want to make cute stuff.   I have googled to try to learn and end up frustrated, because what I want to learn is not photo related and most tutorials are.   Then I found this tutorial on how to make subway art.  This is not exactly what I wanted, but close enough.   Look what I made!!!!!!  Now my husband and daughter will be able to show me what I did wrong.  (yes not perfectly center, and I fudged things as I went, but I think they will be surprised too. ) For a want a be photoshop user,  I am thrilled that I did this, errors and all.   Now will I remember how to do this later?

My daughter who is much more creative than me also made me this quote too.  I will have to dig for it and post it too.  Hers has a ruler in it.  Too cute.


A day of silly food

Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fool's Day

Since we were home the whole day we thought we would have a bit of fun with our kids for breakfast and dinner.  All were good to entertain the idea and give us plenty of strange looks.  

 Eggs and toast for breakfast.   (peaches and yogurt and angel food cake)

Orange juice ( jello)  The younger two decided to drink it through the straw.  That was an interesting event to watch.  None the less they succeeded one way or another.  

Spaghetti  (cupcakes with frosting and strawberry jam and  truffle chocolates and grated white chocolate)
 Of course Meatloaf cupcakes


Simple ways to save $7000

Thursday, March 1, 2012

I was reading in the newspaper  in their "Money Talks" section and I couldn't help but stop to read an article entitled "Simple ways to Save $7000".  My heart leaped for joy.  Is this real?  Could I possible do this?   I have a lofty goal that I am hoping to meet someday and well could this really help me get there? (Please don't send me any get rich quick schemes.   I tend to want to yell at those fools ( I mean people).)  If you are reading still,  then you must be like me.  Want to find a way to pinch a penny here and there.  So here is the list.   This is for a family of four.  Since I have five, maybe the savings could be better.

  1. Eliminate one bag of chips a week for a savings of $104.   (I maybe buy five bags a year, so really I could save  $10)
  2. Cut one $4.00 box of cereal a week and save $208.   (Who buys $4 cereal anyway?)
  3. Eat out one less time a week @ $30 a meal,   save $1560   ( Okay I must have no life, because this doesn't apply to me either.  Who has an extra $30 a week to eat out?   And the thought of doing that multiple times a week really scares me.)
  4. Ordering one less pizza  delivered. $1040 savings   (Do they still deliver pizza?  I don't think my kids have ever seen a pizza man at our house. )
  5. One less gourmet coffee a day $910 (No problem, I will give them all up.  Wait.... I don't drink any.)
  6. Cut back on one daily soda $365 ( hmm.... does one  every 2-3 months work?)
  7. Snack cakes  $455  (sorry little debbie,   I will never get to show my kids how awful you taste.)
  8. One less bottle of water $455  ( well okay you got me here.  I bought my refrigerator solely on the water and ice dispenser.  That is definitely more than bottle water  It is a little late now.)
  9. One less cup of juice per person.  ( I am beginning to think they want everyone to be dehydrated.  This is the 4th drink listed and I can think of some they forgot to list that should be on the list.)
  10. 3 lbs.  less red meat a week $390 savings (hmm.  what are people eating all week.  That is about 3 days of red meat for our family.    )
  11. Bring your lunch instead of buying $1040  savings. (No problem...Done )

What I learned is...... there is two ways I can look at it.  Either  I will never be able to save "$7000" the way they suggested, unless I starve.   Not my preferred option.  OR   I am already $7000 richer than I could be if I had to break all those habits. I don't feel $7000 richer, but I do know that those suggestions will not be helping me get even $1000 any time soon.

Now on a more serious note,  this author is though 100% correct on the basic concept.  Though the details may not be applicable to me.  The concept is very much so important.  Look at how we live and how we spend our money.  If you simply want to save more, then find ways to spend less.  It is not that you eat less or do less (or even have less fun), but instead learn to live more economically.  It often takes self control and determination.

The sad thing is there are people out there who are broke all the time and are guilty of all 11 listed above and they don't know any other way to live.

Source of article  "Itemizer Observer", from www.living on a dime. com


Monday, February 27, 2012

Saturday the two younger kids wanted to veg in front of the tv, but I told them they would have to earn any tv time by reading or else they would have to find something else to do.

They went up stairs and danced to music for a good hour or so.    Later the two of them asked if they could do a show for the family.   After dinner  was the planned time.   They went and practiced some more.

When the time came, as we were getting the music and everything ready I could tell this was going to be a camera moment.  So with camera in hand, I got ready.  Maybe,  it is warped through a mother's eyes, but I thought the beginning and end were the cutest parts.   Can't wait to see his moves at the age of 14.


I am not smarter than a kindergartener!!!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Mr M and Miss A have been playing chess.  They are pretty good competition for each other.  Neither go easy on the other or the other will win.  Usually the oldest wins, but not until it has been a good game.  In fact during finals she played against her teacher.  (She did not have to take her math final, since her grade was so high in the class, she would still get an A, even if she scored a 0.  Any way all students with A's in class could opt out and play chess instead.)  He was surprised that she held her own for a bit.

Anyway, so Mr. M wanted to play chess with me today.  Of course I said no.   He would have eaten me alive.  So I suggested checkers.  I was sure I could bet him.   Ahhhhhh...... No.  I didn't.  Miss A just laughed at me, as she could see the strategy he was using.

After losing, I decided it was time to use my pecking order.  If I lost to him, I would have no chance against Miss A.  So instead I went for the one I could win against,  Little A.   Ahhhhhhhhh.........and I won!!!!    Next she grabbed the clue Master detective game (the bigger version of clue).  More random and well......  she won.  So either I will have to get used to my new streak or wave a white flag to surrender.


College Awareness

Monday, January 23, 2012

Recently our oldest took the PSAT test,   though her score was above average for her grade, it was not amazing either.

None the less,  now we have  a parade of daily emails to my email box this last week.  All offering their services to help her learn more about their school or lines like  "You're the Talent we are looking for".    Some have targeted her interest in science and math careers, so it is interesting to see such daily attention.  Well, so far, she has her eyes on another school, but if Princeton or Harvard come calling, well...... she may think twice.  Then again they are no BYU, so who knows.   At one point they were on her list of dream schools.

Here is the list.  I will add as the list grows.   I thought it would be fun to see how the list grows.   I just hope we don't get too much spam.

Montana State University,  Bozeman, MT  
University of Pacific in Stockton, CA
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY 
Mills College, Oakland, CA
University of Portland,  Portland, OR
Willamette University, Salem, OR
Humboldt State University, Arcata, CA
Corban Universtiy, Salem, OR
Linn Field
Portland State
Southern Oregon University

Note:  4/19 -  I haven't added to this list, but the letters and emails keep rolling in.  No less than 5 or 6 a week.   We now look at the pretty paper they are printed on and just delete the emails.   I just have not been able to keep up with all the junk mail.


New year's Goals

Monday, January 2, 2012

So there are a few goals I have set for myself this year. I will only list one today.  This one I have been putting off doing for years.  It is a form of clutter I have a hard time parting with and well 7  years later it has really piled up.   I have made this goal before and did it for a day or two only to give up.  So what is the big goal.

Delete email.  
Goal: delete a little each day.    Example   use search to find all emails of one type.  Or pick a month and year to go through.

Results:   Today I searched for linked in.   Search results did not indicate how many emails I had that contained that word.  Instead it said 1 of many.   I think I deleted over 200.

Now my email says I have 15,416 messages of which 7770 are unread since I opened this email address in 2005. 

Decided to live life on the edge and searched for another term (cricutmachine).  Found 40 more emails and deleted all them. 

Hey this is fun, lets do one more (Walmart).  Who would have thought so many people mention that store in their email.  I even found a joke.  100 emails,  deleted all but 3.   Now I only have 15,273 more emails to go through and 7,679 still unread. 

Here is the joke for those who really wanted to know.  Sorry it did not make the saved list.  Not sure why it made this blog post.    Be warned I warned you that it was dumb.

You Know You're in a Small Town When ...

The city limits sign is printed on both sides of the same

You plug in your electric razor in a motel and the street
lights dim.

The town square is actually a phone booth.

The sheriff, the deputy, and the street cop are all the same
person and can be seen on Wednesdays only.

The Walmart, the local grocery, and UPS all have the same
telephone number.

The local doctor, the veterinarian (same person) still makes
house calls.