I am not smarter than a kindergartener!!!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Mr M and Miss A have been playing chess.  They are pretty good competition for each other.  Neither go easy on the other or the other will win.  Usually the oldest wins, but not until it has been a good game.  In fact during finals she played against her teacher.  (She did not have to take her math final, since her grade was so high in the class, she would still get an A, even if she scored a 0.  Any way all students with A's in class could opt out and play chess instead.)  He was surprised that she held her own for a bit.

Anyway, so Mr. M wanted to play chess with me today.  Of course I said no.   He would have eaten me alive.  So I suggested checkers.  I was sure I could bet him.   Ahhhhhh...... No.  I didn't.  Miss A just laughed at me, as she could see the strategy he was using.

After losing, I decided it was time to use my pecking order.  If I lost to him, I would have no chance against Miss A.  So instead I went for the one I could win against,  Little A.   Ahhhhhhhhh.........and I won!!!!    Next she grabbed the clue Master detective game (the bigger version of clue).  More random and well......  she won.  So either I will have to get used to my new streak or wave a white flag to surrender.