Simple ways to save $7000

Thursday, March 1, 2012

I was reading in the newspaper  in their "Money Talks" section and I couldn't help but stop to read an article entitled "Simple ways to Save $7000".  My heart leaped for joy.  Is this real?  Could I possible do this?   I have a lofty goal that I am hoping to meet someday and well could this really help me get there? (Please don't send me any get rich quick schemes.   I tend to want to yell at those fools ( I mean people).)  If you are reading still,  then you must be like me.  Want to find a way to pinch a penny here and there.  So here is the list.   This is for a family of four.  Since I have five, maybe the savings could be better.

  1. Eliminate one bag of chips a week for a savings of $104.   (I maybe buy five bags a year, so really I could save  $10)
  2. Cut one $4.00 box of cereal a week and save $208.   (Who buys $4 cereal anyway?)
  3. Eat out one less time a week @ $30 a meal,   save $1560   ( Okay I must have no life, because this doesn't apply to me either.  Who has an extra $30 a week to eat out?   And the thought of doing that multiple times a week really scares me.)
  4. Ordering one less pizza  delivered. $1040 savings   (Do they still deliver pizza?  I don't think my kids have ever seen a pizza man at our house. )
  5. One less gourmet coffee a day $910 (No problem, I will give them all up.  Wait.... I don't drink any.)
  6. Cut back on one daily soda $365 ( hmm.... does one  every 2-3 months work?)
  7. Snack cakes  $455  (sorry little debbie,   I will never get to show my kids how awful you taste.)
  8. One less bottle of water $455  ( well okay you got me here.  I bought my refrigerator solely on the water and ice dispenser.  That is definitely more than bottle water  It is a little late now.)
  9. One less cup of juice per person.  ( I am beginning to think they want everyone to be dehydrated.  This is the 4th drink listed and I can think of some they forgot to list that should be on the list.)
  10. 3 lbs.  less red meat a week $390 savings (hmm.  what are people eating all week.  That is about 3 days of red meat for our family.    )
  11. Bring your lunch instead of buying $1040  savings. (No problem...Done )

What I learned is...... there is two ways I can look at it.  Either  I will never be able to save "$7000" the way they suggested, unless I starve.   Not my preferred option.  OR   I am already $7000 richer than I could be if I had to break all those habits. I don't feel $7000 richer, but I do know that those suggestions will not be helping me get even $1000 any time soon.

Now on a more serious note,  this author is though 100% correct on the basic concept.  Though the details may not be applicable to me.  The concept is very much so important.  Look at how we live and how we spend our money.  If you simply want to save more, then find ways to spend less.  It is not that you eat less or do less (or even have less fun), but instead learn to live more economically.  It often takes self control and determination.

The sad thing is there are people out there who are broke all the time and are guilty of all 11 listed above and they don't know any other way to live.

Source of article  "Itemizer Observer", from on a dime. com