Life by the yard is hard, by the inch it's a cinch.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

When I was a teenager, I loved good quotes.  In fact, while some my age hung posters of movie stars and singers on their walls.  I hung up probably every handout I received from church.  I loved every quote I got.  I still have some to this day.  Most were hand written by one of my YW leaders and really not that impressive, but the message they carried to me was important and so I clung to that small piece of goodness.   They probably thought these hand outs would be lost or thrown away within a week of church, but 20 something years later I still have a few of them. 

Now I have a teenager and suddenly my memory of quotes is suddenly important to me.  Two weeks ago, I was able to hear the General Young Women broadcast.  One quote struck an accord like no other and reminded me of my days as a youth.  This is one quote I would have put on my wall as a youth.

Here is the funny part.  I just don't have a computer brain.  Every since my husband move me to a mac,  I seem to spend less and less time on the computer. I get so frustrated with computers. My husband says all technology would annoy me and it is not my mac.  He  is right.  Some things I like about it, but it is the things I don't know how to fix or use drive me CRAZY!!!!!!  I used to think I was pretty good with computers, but the last year I have felt years behind on technology.

One thing I wish I could do is photoshop.  I don't want to edit pictures.  I want to make cute stuff.   I have googled to try to learn and end up frustrated, because what I want to learn is not photo related and most tutorials are.   Then I found this tutorial on how to make subway art.  This is not exactly what I wanted, but close enough.   Look what I made!!!!!!  Now my husband and daughter will be able to show me what I did wrong.  (yes not perfectly center, and I fudged things as I went, but I think they will be surprised too. ) For a want a be photoshop user,  I am thrilled that I did this, errors and all.   Now will I remember how to do this later?

My daughter who is much more creative than me also made me this quote too.  I will have to dig for it and post it too.  Hers has a ruler in it.  Too cute.